Dr. Carol’s Guide to Sex and Menopause


Satisfying pleasurable sex doesn’t have to end with the onset of menopause!

Don’t let painful sex, struggles with arousal, mental roadblocks, or relationship challenges keep you from the whole-person intimacy God intended your marriage to experience. 

Whether sex has been good or not so good in the past, midlife can be the season when your sex life becomes more whole than ever before.

In Dr. Carol’s Guide to Sex and Menopause ebook you will:

  • Learn effective ways to manage the physical changes of menopause that affect your sex life
  • Leverage your most important sex organ – your mind
  • Navigate the challenging relationship issues that can sabotage intimacy
  • Take practical steps in the bedroom that make sex with your husband pain-free and pleasurable 

As a board-certified OB-Gyn physician and ordained Doctor of Ministry, Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley provides a practical roadmap to overcoming the physical, mental/emotional, and relational challenges women face in their sex life during and after menopause, all from a thoroughly Christian perspective.

Sex after menopause isn’t only possible; it can become more satisfying, enjoyable, and intimate than you’ve yet experienced. 

Discover the keys that set you up for an ongoing meaningful sex life with your husband during menopause and beyond.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Can Menopause and Sex Co-exist?

Part 1: The Challenges to Good Sex After Menopause

Chapter 1: How Things Change 

The Physical, Emotional, and Relational Changes at Menopause Affecting Your Sex Life

Chapter 2: It’s Not the Same Body 

Understanding How and Why Hormones Change at Menopause, and What That Means for Sex

Chapter 3: History Matters 

How Your Sexual Story Becomes a Bigger Issue at Menopause than Ever Before

Chapter 4: The Elephant in the Bedroom 

Common Big Relationship Problems Affecting Midlife Marriages


Part 2: Developing a Better Sex Life

Chapter 5: Caring for Your Body

Self-Care for Your Body and Sex Organs, and Where Your Doctor Can Help

Chapter 6: Sex Begins in the Mind

How to Leverage Your Most Important Sex Organ for the Better 

Chapter 7: Twogether in the Bedroom

Practical Suggestions for Making Menopausal Sex Pleasurable and Satisfying 

Chapter 8: More than “Just Sex:” Whole-Person Intimacy 

Strategies for Improving the Emotional Connection With Your Husband

Conclusion: God and Your Sex Life 


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