Dr. Carol’s Guide to Healthy Communication In Marriage


8 weeks to deeper intimacy and a more loving relationship.

Do Conversations Between You and Your Spouse Get Lost in Translation?

Identify the roadblocks to healthy communication in your marriage and gain the skills to not only overcome those challenges but to transform your relationship entirely.

Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for decades, Dr. Carol’s Guide to Healthy Communication in Marriage will equip you with practical tools that will take your marriage to new heights—all drawn from Bible-based principles.

In this guide, Dr. Carol provides a blueprint to:

  • Understanding and embracing personality and gender differences that affect communication
  • Focusing on the most important goal of communication in marriage
  • Taking practical steps that set you and your spouse up for communication success
  • Working through simple communication exercises designed to defuse conflict

Deeper and more loving intimacy with your spouse isn’t just for other couples or a relationship goal on your social media feed.

Discover the keys to expressing what’s on your mind and heart while deepening the intimacy between you on your way to a more loving relationship.

Bonus material you’ll receive immediately include specific tip sheets to talking about money, about sex, and about blended/extended family issues. These tip sheets are themselves worth the price of the book!

Included is an eight-week Communication Challenge delivered by email, with practical steps and worksheets to help you implement these communication principles in your marriage.

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