Preparing for Opportunity: Be Ready when God Opens Doors

Open Door

You’ve been told that God has a purpose for you, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Where are those “open doors” promised in Revelation 3:8? Could God be overlooking you?

Your part in this cosmic drama may not seem very important right now. But that doesn’t mean right now is not important. Successes, big opportunities, don’t just happen – even in God’s economy. They come to those who are prepared.

Louis Pasteur, who discovered penicillin, said “Fortune favors the prepared mind.”

Winston Churchill, who led Great Britain during – and out of – the darkest days of World War II, said, “To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour.”

That same idea comes straight from the Bible. Joseph was used to interpreting dreams long before Pharaoh called him from the dungeon to the palace. David was used to slinging stones at lions and bears long before he approached Goliath. Daniel was used to praying daily long before the Persian king passed a decree that landed Daniel in the den of lions. Jesus spent 30 years learning to hear His Father’s voice perfectly before He embarked on His public mission to save the human race.

God sovereignly opens doors, and He will do so for you!

But the much bigger question is,

Will you be ready to walk through those doors when God opens them?

I distinctly remember a time around the year 2000 when I sensed that God had some much bigger things for me to do than I had previously done or imagined. I knew that the depth and substance of who I was at that time was not up to the task, and I gave God explicit permission to take charge of my “education.”

And God has fulfilled that request. Yes, my theological/ministry training since then has been a factor in preparing me for what I’m doing now, and what I’m about to do. But several other factors have been much more significant. I had to get past many significant personal dysfunctions I grew up with. I’ve had to learn about media, marketing, and business. My marriage to Al and even his death earlier this year have been truly major parts of my “education.” And I’ve learned that any opportunity or success is not about me at all, but about those God places within my sphere of influence to help.

Now I’m beginning to reap the rewards of those years of studied and God-directed preparation. People in trouble approach me with questions – and I have something of substance to offer them. God is sending people to me that are opening doors of opportunity for major growth of this ministry. The number of people in my online family has more than doubled in just a matter of weeks.

I only share this to give you some hope, encouragement, and inspiration. There is no overnight success! What you are doing RIGHT NOW can be getting you ready for the doors God longs to open for you.

Preparing for Opportunity

Perhaps you feel as though the dream God planted in your heart will never come to pass. You wonder why He seems to open doors for other people but not for you.

If you seem to still be waiting, here’s what to do in the meantime in order to be ready when God DOES bring you the opportunity for something bigger.

  1. Grow Your Character.

A taller tree will receive stronger winds – and can only survive if its roots go as deep as it is tall. Invest time daily in becoming the person God wants you to be. Study His Word. Spend time in prayer. Let God deal with any unhealthy parts of your character. Take every opportunity to learn the hard character lessons such as kindness, healthy forgiveness, courage, flexibility, integrity, and loving well. When the Holy Spirit puts His finger on something in your soul and wants to change you, let Him do so!

  1. Keep On Learning.

God never wastes any of your experiences if you offer them to Him. Moses’ training in leading the armies of Egypt served him well in leading Israel across the desert. Paul’s theological training was a big help as he wrote much of the New Testament. Whatever area interests you, keep studying, practicing, learning, expanding your experiences. God can and will use all of that for His glory – your good and bad experiences, your learning, all of it.

  1. Focus on Other People.

Your gifts are not for you! God built into you something that the world needs, and you’re useless until you become ready and willing to give it away.  Tweet that.   Learn how to serve on the small scale where you are now, and God will enlarge your future. Serve and love well – your spouse, family, coworkers, neighbors, small group, or wherever you are now. If God can trust you with five people, perhaps He will be able to trust you with many more.

Don’t stress about your lack of open doors. Do what God gives you to do now with excellence, and you’ll be ready for the bigger opportunity when He brings it to you.

Your Turn: How are you preparing to be ready for doors you want God to open?

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