Christmas Story Reading

Perhaps you are celebrating Christmas with many friends and family, with food, presents, gifts, and perhaps football. Or perhaps you’re alone, and the holiday season only seems to add to your pain. Perhaps you’ve lost someone close to you, or your memories around Christmas make it difficult to feel joy.

As wonderful as it is to celebrate with others if that’s possible, Christmas is about the birth of a Baby.

The first Christmas didn’t turn out as Mary and Joseph had expected. And your Christmas won’t likely be just as you wish for either. But don’t let that stop you from looking for the meaning God has for you for THIS Christmas. 

In honoring the wonderful Gift earth received from heaven, we’ve prepared this special Christmas gift just for you.

Enjoy this presentation of the Christmas story. If you’re with family, consider listening/watching this together.


May Jesus be born in your heart anew this Christmas season!

Your Turn: What does the Christmas story mean to you? Leave a comment below. 

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  • Whether you’re lonely or with friends and family, Christmas is about the birth of a Baby – THE Baby! Enjoy this presentation of the Christmas story as our Christmas gift to you.  Tweet that

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