Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety

You can ignore the rest of this message if:

  • Your body, mind, and soul feel calm, connected, and Fully Alive
  • Troubling thoughts and feelings are not disturbing your sleep, work, or personal relationships
  • You’re managing any stress in your personal life without difficulty
  • The troubles in our world are not disrupting your equilibrium
  • Your level of anxiety has not affected your ability to make daily decisions
  • You know how to regularly experience the peace of God in your daily life

But if that’s not you, you need this!

Stress is a big deal. Perhaps you’re one of the nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults (74%) who have experienced symptoms of stress in the last month, such as headaches, feeling overwhelmed, fatigue, or changes in sleeping habits. Or you’re one of the many adults (59%) who have experienced behavior changes from stress recently, including avoiding social situations, altering eating habits, procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities, or altering physical activity levels. (Data from the American Psychological Association’s 2021 Stress in America report.)

Our world is a difficult place. You have good reasons to feel anxious or afraid. But you don’t have to let the negative effects of stress control your mind or sabotage your wellbeing.

As an OB-Gyn physician, ordained Doctor of Ministry, and personal coach I’ve helped thousands of women and men learn the keys to experiencing the physical, emotional, and spiritual wholeness God intended regardless of their outward circumstances.

And from both my professional and personal experience I’ve seen repeatedly how focusing on the things you can do will Retrain Your Brain, free you from your swirling thoughts and feelings, and bring a lifestyle of lasting relief.

And that’s why I’ve created the Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety course.

After taking the Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety course you will no longer be at the mercy of your distressing thoughts and feelings. You’ll discover three powerful keys to finding the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing God designed you for, and learn how to implement them in your daily life. Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety draws from contemporary medical research and from scripture–not random Google searches. And you will be equipped with tools to achieve true wholeness and lasting peace.

In this course you will:

  • Understand the multiple triggers for fear and anxiety and how they affect you
  • Learn the relationship between your body and anxiety and what to do about it
  • Discover practical steps for winning the battle for your thoughts and feelings
  • Learn how to handle stress with resiliency and strength

Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety is designed to help you overcome the multiple triggers that bring stress to your body, mind, and soul. This comprehensive e-course addresses it all: physical symptoms, distressing emotions, spiritual turmoil, and more.

Don’t remain at the mercy of fear and anxiety. Retrain Your Brain! Come join us in the Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety online course, and learn keys that will help you overcome stress, leave worry behind, and experience emotional wellbeing.

And if you register for this course now, I’ll personally walk through this with you. For five weeks, you’ll experience a LIVE spiritual mentoring/coaching video session with me that will help you get your questions answered, be encouraged by other participants, and feel empowered as you develop a lifestyle of lasting wholeness.

Get the Defeat Your Fear and Anxiety course today!

And I’ll see you April 26 for our first LIVE session together.

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  • You can Retrain Your Brain! You don’t have to remain stuck with swirling thoughts, distressing emotions, and spiritual turmoil. You can defeat fear and anxiety, overcome stress, leave worry behind, and experience emotional wellbeing.   Tweet that.