My 2023 Favorites: Books, Podcasts, and Organizations

Each year I love sharing with you some of my favorite things – books, podcasts, and organizations I’ve enjoyed reading, listening to, and being connected with during the year.

There’s a plethora (that means a LOT!) of stuff out there. Perhaps this list will help you find a resource you didn’t know about before.


I usually have a few books on the table beside me. I read almost every evening.

And here are some of my favorites I’ve read this year. (Some of them were published a few years ago but are new to me.)


I’m quite voracious in consuming podcasts. You can gain an education while you jog, drive, or clean the house. I keep my podcast feed full with these nourishing resources.

  • Ransomed Heart with John Eldredge. Conversations about the life of the heart, and the ongoing restoration God intends us to all experience.
  • Being Known Podcast, with Curt Thompson MD and Pepper Sweeney. Conversations about the mind, spiritual formation, and interpersonal neurobiology. One of the most life-changing podcasts I’ve encountered.
  • Theology in the Raw, with Preston Sprinkle. Just as the title says – raw. While there may be moments I may not agree, the challenging topics and passionate guests enlighten and make me think.
  • The Emotionally Healthy Leader, with Pete Scazzero. Exploring themes around spiritual authenticity and growth in the Christian life and church. I don’t miss an episode.
  • Java with Juli, from Authentic Intimacy. Conversations about sexuality, intimacy, and culture from a solidly Biblical worldview. Unafraid to “go there!”
  • Rule of Life by Practicing the Way, with John Mark Comer, friends, and guests. Guiding you in arranging your life as you apprentice under Jesus in the 21st
  • The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. Interviews with top leaders from the church, business, and culture about leadership, change, and personal growth.
  • Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. Practical insights from the leader of one of the largest multi-site church organizations in America.
  • Relationship Prescriptions with Dr Carol. OK, shameless self-promotion. This is my weekly podcast about the deeper matters of the heart around relationships with each other and with God, and I’d love you to join me! And you can also watch the video versions on our YouTube channel.

Other Organizations

Here are some organizations I connect with, believe in, and am glad to recommend.

  • Christian Healthcare Ministries– believers helping to share the costs of medical care for each other. (I am honored to be a member of the Board of Directors.)
  • Emotionally Healthy Discipleship– helping believers move from shallow Christianity to depth in Christ. At least take the free personal assessment on their website, and discover if you’re a spiritual/emotional infant, child, adolescent, or adult.
  • Compassion International– releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name. (I sponsor a precious child in Columbia, Luz Esther.)
  • Charity Water– they do water – and charity – right. I love donating to this organization.
  • Covenant Eyes– amazing organization providing help for those who want to break free from pornography and related sexual bondage. (Use code DrCarol for a free month.)
  • Be Broken– Helping men and women find freedom from a life of sexual brokenness and addiction.
  • SHE Recovery – resources and online community helping women seeking recovery from porn, sex, or love addiction.
  • Ransomed Heart– a bunch of resources and events helping men and women regain the life of the heart as Jesus intended.
  • JuicePlus+ – the only nutritional supplement I take. It’s the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.
  • The Sex Talk – are you as a parent equipped to have “the talk” with your kids? This video course with top experts answers your questions and equips you to be the parent and have this decade-long conversation. (Use code DoctorCarol for 10% off.)
  • Noom – a revolutionary way to control weight and get fit, providing a personalized custom plan and help to develop a healthy lifestyle.

May these resources be inspiring and fill your winter days and evenings with meaning and growth.

** Note: Listing a resource here does not imply that I or Dr Carol Ministries endorse every idea promoted in these resources. Amazon links and links to some of the organizations are affiliate links, whereby you can also support Dr Carol Ministries by purchasing from them.

Your Turn: What book, podcast, or organization do you find especially helpful? Leave a comment below.

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