Christmas Magic

What are your memories at Christmastime? What word describes Christmas for you?

Is it Disappointment? Loneliness? Fear? Failure? Loss?

Maybe Christmas means joy and family to you, but you still carry some troubling memories of past holiday seasons that make Christmas a mixed experience for you.

Even if past Christmases were wonderful, you may wish you could go back and re-create them – but know you can’t.

There’s something about the holidays that ignites our memories: good ones we’d like to experience again, painful ones we wish we could forget, or truly ugly ones that make us want to skip the holiday season entirely.

Jesus understands your struggle with memories, and how that impacts your experience of Christmastime.

My own memories around Christmas are not all pleasant. And I’d love to offer you some suggestions on how you and I can deal with memories during the holidays.

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And I have some very specific suggestions on what to do with your memories this year.

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