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Feel like your mind and body are at the mercy of your changing hormones? Discover the keys to taking charge of your hormones – and your LIFE!   Find Out More

Emotionally Distant Spouse

Do Conversations Between You Get Lost in Translation?

Identify the roadblocks to healthy communication in your marriage and gain the skills to not only overcome those challenges but to transform your relationship entirely.

Dr. Carol to Healthy Communication in Marriage provides a blueprint to:

  • Understanding and embracing personality and gender differences that affect communication
  • Focusing on the most important goal of communication in marriage
  • Taking practical steps that set you and your spouse up for communication success
  • Working through simple communication exercises designed to defuse conflict

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You CAN Continue to Experience Intimacy After Menopause!

In Dr. Carol’s Guide to Sex and Menopause ebook you will:

  • Learn effective ways to manage the physical changes of menopause that affect your sex life
  • Leverage your most important sex organ – your mind
  • Navigate the challenging relationship issues that can sabotage intimacy
  • Take practical steps in the bedroom that make sex with your husband pain-free and pleasurable

Sex after menopause isn’t only possible; it can become more satisfying, enjoyable, and intimate than you’ve yet experienced.

Discover the keys that set you up for an ongoing meaningful sex life with your husband during menopause and beyond.

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A Healthy Woman is More than her Reproductive Organs

When you hear the term “women’s health” you probably think first of the kind of care you would receive at a clinic or your OB-Gyn physician’s office.

Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will help women feel as though they are talking to a trusted friend, who is also an OB-Gyn physician. This guide offers medical science, the author’s practical experience, and a faith perspective to the spectrum of physical and mental health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives.

Take Charge of your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing!

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Healthy Relationships

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