Marriage is more than "Us two"

Marriage is a marathon.

You’ve heard that before. But comparing marriage to a marathon is about more than “this happens over a long period of time.”

Any trainer for a marathon – or any sport – knows that the only way to reach your full potential is to connect with others. You need coaches and training partners to provide guidance, inspiration, and support.

Research confirms that people working to overcome any significant obstacle do measurably better when others are alongside them. That applies to climbing a mountain, improving physical performance in any sport, learning a new skill, dealing with a physical illness, and overcoming addiction.

And it applies to marriage also.

No one goes into marriage knowing all you need to know, or having all the skills you need. Marriage is a challenging laboratory that God leverages in teaching us how to love well. The obstacles that show up along the way are real.

No marriage is easy, or perfect, or simple. And connecting with others who are working to grow a healthy marriage will:

  • Help you know you are not alone
  • Support your marriage with practical help and the prayers of others

The Fully Alive Group will provide the kind of community where your marriage can get the nourishment it needs to thrive.

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In Christ,

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