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Your Prescription for Healthy Living, Loving Relationships, and Joyful Spirituality

Live Healthy, Live WholeHave you ever tried to have a meaningful time of prayer with God while struggling with a serious headache? Or how about that knot in your stomach and trouble sleeping when you and your spouse have had a fight?

Your body, mind, and soul are “baked” together into a beautiful, integrated whole. What affects one part of you affects every other part as well.

If something in your life feels out-of-sorts, or if you’d like some experienced and expert guidance in living the life you were created for, this book is for you. Use it as a manual to discover what’s wrong, what the underlying issues may be, and what you can do to improve in the areas you need to.

This book is like an extended consultation with Dr. Carol. In it you will:

  • Understand why your physical health, personal relationships, or spiritual life feel stagnant, unhealthy, or painful.
  • Discover how either dysfunction or wellbeing in any area of your life impacts your wellbeing in every other area.
  • Hear God’s answer to the roadblocks you face on the road to wholeness.
  • Know specific action steps you can take to find the life of peace, love, and joy you so much desire.

Through stories, Biblical and scientific references, and clear action plans Dr. Carol provides you the prescription you need to find the life for which God created you.

This book contains:

  • 224 pages, 36 short chapters, each designed to give you a “quick win”.
  • Discussion questions for each chapter that you can think through yourself, or talk about with a group of friends.
  • Suggested action steps for each chapter to help you understand what’s going on in your own life and take responsibility for making the changes that you can.
  • Integration of Scriptures throughout to help you see God’s answer in each area of challenge.

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What others are saying:

“As a physician and doctor of souls, Dr. Carol is uniquely qualified to write this book of knowledge and wisdom. She is well known as a proponent of whole-person health and lifestyle. This book is sure to lead many to wholeness.”

— Thomsen Mathew, D.Min., Ed.D., Dean, College of Theology and Ministry, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma, author of Ministry Between Miracles, Spirit-led Ministry in the 21st Century, and What Will Your Tombstone Say?

“Dr. Carol combines wise medical advice with sound biblical principles for healthy living, not just for the body but for soul and spirit. She understands that physical health is closely interconnected with vibrant Christian spirituality, wholesome relationships, emotional wellbeing, and strong marital bonding. Live Healthy, Live Whole presents counsel that is both highly practical and solidly biblical.”

—    Paul L. King, D.Min., Th.D., author of God’s Healing Arsenal: A Divine Battle Plan for Overcoming Distress and Disease and others

“Drawing upon her wealth of professional and personal experience, Dr. Carol provides a practical guide to health and wholeness that addresses common areas of life challenges, especially for women. Her emphasis on the integration of physical, relational, and spiritual health enables her to offer hope and guidance to those searching for freedom and well-being. Of special interest to me are her insights regarding the nature of change and her suggestions on finding the motivation/empowerment needed to pursue it.”

—    Bill Buker, DMin, PhD, LPC, Professor of Counseling, Oral Roberts University

“Rarely is a nation blessed with a doctor who teaches and reaches out with the Good News while practicing medicine and health care.  Dr. Carol is that kind of doctor.  Whatever she does in serving, writing, radio or TV, I love and want to experience.  Her new book will serve all well in doing that.”

— Evelyn W. Davison, Founder Love Talk Network, National Day of Prayer Coordinator for Texas

“Some days are like walking on a tight rope across the Grand Canyon without a safety net or a balancing pole. Staying centered and moving forward become incredibly daunting challenges. My friend Dr. Carol helps me understand the fragile balance of body, mind and soul. In Live Healthy, Live Whole Dr. Carol shares from her vast experience and expertise as she helps us align those areas of our lives that will propel us into our destiny. … The book is filled with practical, scientific, and scriptural wisdom. It is useful to individuals for self-management as well as for individual and/or group coaching. Read, grow, be enriched, and serve others with wholeness.”

Brenda C. Chand, D.Min. Co-Founder, Dream Releaser Coaching

“As a life coach I see many people who have created impressive strategies for career success. But those same people frequently leave that appealing plan at risk by having no plan for success in the more foundational physical health, and relationship areas. This entertaining and informative book provides clear methods for being as intentional about success in those areas as in business. Don’t take the chance of a successful career and a failed life.”

— Dan Miller, New York Times bestselling author 48 Days to the Work You Love

“As you read Dr Carol’s new book I know you will be blessed. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Carol for quite some time and her Christian approach to issues of the family and our faith have delighted the readers of our eMagazine. She lives her passion for God in the way she can relate to those of us who need encouragement. She will take you on a great journey.”

—  Joann Jordan, Founder, Garlands of Grace Ministries International

“Dr. Carol once again presents evidence-based knowledge, a commitment to faith, and a splash of good ole common sense in her newest book. A must read!”

— Phil Roe, M.D., U.S. Congressman 1st District Tennessee, Ob-Gyn Physician


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