Life can be hard on a woman. Growing up is hard enough. Then comes choosing a career, perhaps marriage and parenting, and wrestling with your life purpose. And just when it seems you have things somewhat figured out, along comes midlife and menopause when everything changes again. How’s a woman to live Fully Alive through all that?

And if you’re a man married to a woman in midlife, this should interest you too; her wellbeing will impact your wellbeing!

What is a Fully Alive Christian woman? How would you know if you are one? And most importantly, how would you get there?

Perhaps you’ve been frustrated with how things are changing, or overwhelmed in trying to figure everything out. And Google searches and your social media feeds just aren’t cutting it.

Imagine what God pictured when He thought of you. What kind of you did – and does – He desire you to be? A few aspects of that might be:

  • A body that’s well cared for, with energy and vitality to do all that He invites you to do
  • A mind that’s resilient and clear, able to experience the full range of human emotions and make wise decisions
  • A person deeply connected with others (married or single!), giving and receiving love generously
  • A soul in tune with His voice, giving His Holy Spirit full access to continue doing His work
  • A heart that cares about what He cares about, partnering with Him in helping others live Fully Alive

WHEW! Sound like a lot?

It’s not impossible. A Fully Alive woman can expect wellbeing in all those dimensions of life.

Yes, there are challenges. And you can’t do it alone!

That’s why I’m inviting you to Change(d) Conference 2021

Join me in Austin, TX on September 25, for a live 3-hour workshop-style event where we’re focusing on A Woman Fully Alive. And my friends Dr. Lisa Savage, OB-Gyn physician focusing on menopause, and Vicky Coffee, program officer with the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, will be joining me to provide amazing insight.

At Change(d) 2021: A Woman Fully Alive you’ll come to understand more about menopause, learn tools to improve your mental wellbeing, and discover meaning and inspiration in fulfilling your life purpose.

Whether personally or for ministry, you’ll be equipped with the tools to become the Fully Alive woman God intended you to be.


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Feeling a bit CRAZY Lately? 

As a woman going through midlife you are not a victim – to your hormones or anything else.

You can learn simple and important keys to taking charge of your hormones – and your life! I’d love to send them to you.

You can Take Charge NOW!