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Your opportunity to get the FREE bonuses for preordering Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare lasts only until the book is released on Tuesday, June 6. That’s less than 72 hours away.

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I hope you want that freedom and joy too!

After reading this book Lisa said,

I have come to realize that some, if not a great deal of my anxiety has been my own doing by holding on to old hurts and pain and insisting on doing things my way when God says, “we don’t have to live like this.” …  I can see how much worry has blocked my relationship with God. God says “Do Not Worry” (Matthew 6:34). I’ve read that before but it just didn’t sink in until now.

Julie wrote,

This book has spoken to my heart and mind in a way that nothing else has regarding anxiety. I think the one thing that has stood out to me the most is the fact that I need to be responsible for what I can be responsible for and let go of the things I’m not responsible for. Such a simple concept yet this was a huge lightbulb moment for me!

And Monserrate wrote,

Fear is still real but as a Latino male, I am not supposed to be afraid of anything or anxious about anything. You know like falling off a bike, breaking your leg and being told to walk it off. Being beaten as a child by a drunk step father has made it hard to talk to other males. So what does one do, over achieve of course. I thank God that I’m finally on a journey of healing. Learning to listen to my body and mind and finding healthy ways to express my feelings. This book Overcoming Fear and Anxiety Through Spiritual Warfare is more than just a good read. It is very helpful.

You can have your own lightbulb moments and experience true joy and freedom.

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I welcome you to this journey of Overcoming Fear and Anxiety through Spiritual Warfare.