Your love life is perfect? Great! You can ignore the rest of this message if:

  • You’re experiencing beautiful regular intimacy, completely with your spouse if married, or authentically with others if you’re not married
  • You have no unhealed sexual baggage from your past
  • You completely understand and are practicing the kind of sexual integrity and wholeness God intended you to have
  • Your sexual story has been completely dealt with, healed, and transformed
  • Your intimacy with God is satisfying and complete

But if that’s not you, you need this! 

If you’ve been around church, you know the usual story is supposed to go something like this: boy meets girl, they fall in love, they experience wonderful sexual intimacy for the first time on their wedding night, and live happily ever after.

But unfortunately that’s usually not reality. 

Sexuality is not the sum total of who you are, but it cuts closer to the core of who you are more than just about any other area of life. But what you may have heard in church, read on the internet, seen on Netflix, or listened to from your friends–it’s not your story. And it’s just not working. 

Love sex or hate it, the issue of sexuality affects you deeply. Regardless of your relationship status, what’s happened to you in the past, what your sexual drives or attractions are, or what you’ve done (or not done) sexually, moral formulas and a list of do’s and don’ts isn’t going to work; you need a way to deal with ALL of your story. 

And that’s what the Sexpectations course is all about.

The Sexpectations online digital course will help you address what’s under the surface of your soul so you can experience freedom from wounds and mistakes of the past, healing in the present, and grace and empowerment to write a new chapter for your future. 

In this course you will: 

  • Understand the glorious experience God originally designed sex to be 
  • Look at your sexual story with both honesty and compassion
  • Discover the “why” behind God’s creation of you as a sexual being
  • Know what to do with the good and not so good of your sexual story, and how Jesus can turn it around
  • Learn what healthy intimacy is and how to pursue it

Sexpectations is designed to help you deal with the deep places in your story and your heart so you can experience true healing, growth, and restoration. This no–holds–barred e-course addresses it all: sexual addiction, sexual abuse, hating sex, pornography, multiple sexual partners, same-sex attraction, demonic sexual activity, and more. 

Whatever your story, there is hope!

Come join us in the Sexpectations online course, and allow God to deal with your “stuff” and write a glorious new chapter in your story.

And if you register for this course now, I’ll personally walk through this with you. For seven weeks, you’ll experience a spiritual mentoring/coaching LIVE group video session with me that will help you actually do the work and experience more healing and restoration than you ever dreamed possible.

If you want the next chapter of your sexual story to be different than the past, get the Sexpectations course today!

And I’ll see you February 23 for our first LIVE video session.


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Your Turn: Is your love life less than perfect? What are you aware of under the surface that’s still affecting you? Are you ready to do something different for a different future? Leave a comment below. 

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