The beginning of the New Year is a bittersweet time for many. Looking back, you may regret some things about 2014. You may remember people you failed to give your best to, opportunities you missed, “stupid” decisions you made, time you wasted on unimportant matters, or aspects of your character you know God is not happy with.

Looking ahead, you may want so much more during 2015. You are determined that THIS TIME you’ll lose weight, finish that project, or develop a better attitude. You plan to learn from your mistakes and come out wiser and stronger. You are going to invest in the people you care about, get rid of that bad habit, and spend more time with God and His Word.

Perhaps you’ve even invested in a course to try and get these things right, such as Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days To Your Best Year Ever.

All that is well and good. But if the only thing different is a redo of your same “resolutions,” you won’t end up with any different results. Trying harder just wears you out.

But does that mean you should just give up and settle in for another haphazard year, hoping for the best? Not at all!

Change begins on the inside. If your heart is changed, the outside will change also. And you can’t change your heart by trying harder! (See Jeremiah 13:23)

God is in the business of changing hearts, and He can change yours. Your heart transplant is waiting! (Ezekiel 36:26)

What kind of new heart do YOU need?

  • Strength to persevere in overcoming a bad habit?
  • New desires so you don’t even desire to do wrong?
  • Courage to forgive someone who hurt you?
  • New eyes to see difficult people in a new way?
  • Peace in the midst of difficult circumstances?
  • Ability to see past obstacles in doing the job God has given you?
  • Willingness to leave what you cannot change in God’s hands?
  • Love to share with those closest to you?

God’s transformation process is just that – a process. And He won’t do it without your consent and cooperation. Give Him permission to change you. Then do the next right thing He asks you to do.

And then make all the New Year’s Resolutions you want! When your heart is new, of course new things will happen in your life and in your world.

Yes, you CAN do all things – but only through Him who gives you strength! (Philippians 4:13)

Your Turn: What would you like to be different in 2015? Leave a comment below. 

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