Sometimes you hear someone say, “You changed my life!” Perhaps you’ve said it to someone yourself.

But mostly that’s a false statement.

There may be a kernel of truth there, but the larger truth is that I can’t change your life. Nobody else can. It’s up to you!

We get into a lot of trouble when we wait for someone else to change something for us. The real truth is that no government program can fix you. No professional can fix you. No spouse or parent or friend can fix you.

And even God can’t fix you!

At the risk of sounding blasphemous, let me clarify. We need each other. And we need God’s intervention in every aspect of our lives. But if we sit back and wait for anyone or anything else to fix us, we’re in for a long wait!

Here are some things nobody can do for you – not me, not any professional, not any institution, not even God:

  • Put your fork down if you need to quit eating
  • Cut up your credit card if you’re spending too much
  • Leave the office and go home to be with your spouse and/or children
  • Get up off the couch and move
  • Tell your spouse or children, “I love you!”
  • Decide what attitude you will have
  • Determine how long someone else’s bad behavior will ruin your day, or your life
  • Determine how you will be remembered after you are gone

There are many things we can do to help each other. There are things only God can do for us. But none of that will make any difference if we aren’t making the decisions and taking the actions we can on our own. Even if you can blame some of your past on your parents, you can’t blame them for your future!

There was a significant period in my own life when I lived with a very large emotional wound. I was barely functioning. I kept searching for someone to help. Lots of people tried. And I kept searching. And crying. And struggling.

Nothing changed until I realized I was responsible for my own happiness. I could have a good day even if people around me were having a bad day. I could decide the future of my life. I could hear God’s voice for myself. I could choose who the people were in my life.

I’d like to think that I can do something to change your life. And I’m going to keep trying. I’ll keep sharing ways to live healthy. I’ll keep caring for patients when I can. I’ll keep writing. And praying. And anything else I can.

But none of that will do anything for you unless you choose to act.

Your turn: If someone changed your life, what role did your own decisions make in that change? Is there something you’re waiting for someone else to do for you that you could do something about yourself? Leave a comment below.

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