How to Experience Breakthrough That Actually Lasts

Problem solved! Your prayers are answered! That thing you needed God to address; He’s done it. God showed up. Hallelujah!

Then a day, a week, a month later you’re right back in the same place you were before. How could this be happening again? Was “God showing up” all a fantasy? What’s wrong? Is it too much to hope that you could experience breakthrough that actually lasts?

As a follower of Jesus, you probably believe He can do wonderful things. You pray for Him to do so. Clarity of mind, physical healing, mending a relationship, freedom from some addiction, healing in your soul – there have been times you’ve felt it, experienced it. But has your breakthrough lasted?

Over twenty years ago God brought me out of a long period of serious life-threatening distress. I found my breakthrough, and I was SO grateful! But only a few short months later I started spiraling down again, and became terrified I would end up in the same pit I’d so recently come out of.

It was then I started to learn what a lifestyle of breakthrough was all about. I learned a different way to live. There were things that, if I incorporated them into my daily life, would keep me in the abundant life that Jesus had promised and that I so desperately needed.

Those practices have remained part of me for the last 20+ years. And they still work! The problems I’ve experienced in those years, such over six months with no income, or the death of my husband, have not come close to putting me back in the pit I came out of years ago.

And you can experience breakthrough that actually lasts too!

A Moment vs. a Lifestyle 

Moments are great! God shows up, and everything changes. You have a lightbulb insight and suddenly the world looks different. A roadblock goes away, and you surge forward.

God loves to show up in such ways! Scripture is full of those “suddenly” times. We praise God for those moments. Treasure them. Remember them.

But God never designed you to perpetually live in such moments. The longer you walk with Him, the more mature He expects you to become. The dailiness of walking with Jesus may not always look as exciting, but it’s what gets you to where both you and God want you to be. And it’s also what allows you to live in breakthrough even when tough stuff happens.

A lifestyle of breakthrough is, I believe, what Jesus was talking about in John 10:10, when He said “but I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.”

Experiencing that lifestyle of breakthrough takes involvement on your part. Not “working harder,” but cooperating with God. It’s the easy yoke and light burden Jesus described. (Matthew 11:30)

And I want to help you experience that lifestyle of breakthrough.

Our Powerful Breakthrough Prayers online course is designed to help you experience just that.

In this course you’ll not simply get information; you’ll learn how to make these things part of your daily lifestyle so that your breakthrough can last.

I’ve shared some bits of this in the past, but I’ve never before gathered them all together in a single online experience to help you find your own lifestyle of breakthrough. In this course I’ll share with you exactly the things I learned as God was bringing me out of my distress, and how I learned to live in lasting breakthrough.

You’ll learn the Biblical truths, and the scientific research that backs them up, underlying these practices. And you’ll actually do the things that will make them part of your life so you can experience lasting breakthrough for yourself.

And if you join this Powerful Breakthrough Prayers online experience now, I’ll personally walk you through this material. For the next six weeks you, along with other course attendees, can be part of weekly LIVE Zoom calls with me where I help make this real for you, and actually do the things that will bring you your breakthrough.

So why don’t you register right now?!


And I can’t wait to hear about the breakthrough you experience!

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