How do you spell RELIEF?

Things should be better than this. How long are you supposed to wait for the “Fully Alive” life Jesus promised? Is getting past your hang-ups supposed to be this hard? For you, how do you spell RELIEF?

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, stuck in the middle of a mess, trying desperately to get out and finding no relief. Why can’t I figure this out? What am I doing wrong?

Thankfully that was over 20 years ago. In finding the way out I discovered things that I know will help you get unstuck and move into the next level of living Fully Alive as well.

Here are two of those things.

  1. God’s Answer is Usually “All of the Above”

Trying harder on your own to “fix” things just wears you out.

Sitting back and waiting for God to “fix” things usually results in frustration and disappointment.

It’s not just you or just God; it’s almost always “both-and.” It’s working together with God. (See Philippians 2:12-13)

God created you and me as integrated whole human beings. Most significant problems involve all areas of our lives – physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual. And finding solutions and experiencing God’s kind of life usually means taking action in all those areas as well.

A two-part prayer is almost always the best;

  • God, please help me!
  • God, what step do You need me to take next?

Intentionally seeking God’s intervention and perspective, and then taking action, is the only way to experience the Fully Alive kind of life He intends us to have.

  1. You Can’t Do It Alone

God created us to thrive in community. Connections with others are both the cause of significant pain for many people, and are also absolutely vital to experiencing healing, growth, and fulfillment.

This principle is illustrated throughout Scripture, and it’s still important today.

Being part of a healthy church, a loving family, and an involved group of healthy friends is the best environment to find God’s kind of life. Thankfully our modern technology expands the ways we can connect even further.

Perhaps finding healthy connections has been a challenge for you. Inside the Fully Alive Group that can change. Here you can find the connections that will help you overcome challenges and move to the next level of living Fully Alive.

The Fully Alive Group is open for membership right now! This online community will equip and empower you with tools, strategies, and connections that will allow you to experience what God intends for you.

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And I hope to see you inside the Fully Alive Group real soon!

In Christ,

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