Help Someone Find the Transformation They Need

Jesus has done something for you. You have experienced transformation in some area of your life. Perhaps a blog post, article, devotional, online course, or book from Dr Carol Ministries has been one part of your transformation process. You’re grateful.

And you want others to experience that transformation too! You care about helping people experience more of the Fully Alive life of Jesus in every dimension of their lives and relationships.

At Dr. Carol Ministries we help people experience transformation in areas where they may struggle to find the help they need in church, such as troubled relationships, fear, anxiety, depression, sex and sexuality, toxic religion, and more.

Because Everyone Needs Transformation! 

You can be part of that by becoming a Friend of Dr Carol Ministries.

We are gathering a select group of Friends to help us help more people experience real and lasting transformation. As a Friend of Dr Carol Ministries you:

  1. Pray For Us.

Your prayers make a difference! It’s God’s intervention that changes people’s lives. We deeply need your ongoing prayer support as we help people experience what He has for them.

Pray that God would bring the people to Dr Carol Ministries who are hungry to live more Fully Alive as He intended, and that He would use the material He guides us in preparing to bring people more of the transformation they so desperately need.

  1. Tell Others About Dr Carol Ministries

When you share an article, a podcast episode, a devotional email, or other resource from Dr Carol Ministries with someone who needs it you are helping both them and us. Each person who joins our online family is one more life experiencing more of the transformation Jesus brings.

  1. Support Financially

We need financial support to allow us to prepare these materials and get them to people who need them.

Ask God how He would have you give financially so that we can help even more people here and around the world experience the transformation they need.

If you have already given recently to Dr Carol Ministries, THANK YOU! And if not, I invite you to make your financial gift now. And making your gift recurring means you can support Dr Carol Ministries on a monthly basis with just a couple clicks today.



Thank you for your prayers. And I pray even now that Jesus be close to you and bless you richly, today and always.

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P.S. Whether or not you can give today. I invite you to become a Friend of Dr Carol Ministries, one of a select group of people who agree to pray for and with us, tell others about this ministry, and when God so directs to support this ministry financially.

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I’d love to have you as one of our special friends!

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