Marilyn would have preferred to be almost anywhere else that day. She had faced similar medical issues in the past, and the situation had never ended well. She had known the problem might return but had hoped there would be another explanation this time. The physical symptoms were unpleasant, but the fear, anxiety, and guilt were so much worse.

At my first meeting with Marilyn there were plenty of tears. We talked about the results of her ultrasound, and about the minor surgery she would need. She told me about the abuse she had suffered as a teenager, her sexual indiscretions as a young woman, and her strong desire now to become a mother. Her church, her mother, her sister, and her boyfriend all had different ideas about what she should do now, and that confusion only made her anxiety worse.

I sat on my little rolling stool looking across at Marilyn and realizing how anxious, afraid, and even alone she felt.

As an OB-Gyn physician and Reproductive Endocrinologist there were some important medical issues with which I would help Marilyn, but that was only a small part of what she was dealing with. It would also require my training as a Doctor of Ministry to help her find the clarity and healing she needed.

And it would also require something far beyond what I could provide. Marilyn’s relationship challenges, wounded heart, and anxious spirit were even bigger factors in her life and health than the physical issues she faced. Marilyn would need to recognize God’s intervention in her life to find the future she was looking for.

There was no magical medical treatment that would cure Marilyn forever. There was no 1-2-3 formula that would make her decisions for her. There was no single Bible verse that would tell her all she needed to know.

But Marilyn didn’t expect a simple answer that day, although she would have gratefully accepted one if one had existed. She came for help in putting the medical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of her difficult situation in some kind of perspective. She was looking for someone to show her what she could do to have a happier, healthier future. And so we talked about what medical treatments she would need, how to address her anxiety and fear, and how God wanted healing for her past and joy for her future.

When she left the office that day Marilyn still faced some medical problems. She still had to face the anxiety of the minor surgery she needed. There was no guarantee she would ever get pregnant. And there were things in her past and present she still needed to work through with God and a faith-filled counselor.

But our conversation together did provide her a measure of confidence in knowing what to do next, how the pieces of her life fit together, and that she was not unique or alone. It helped her connect with God at a critically important moment and gave her clarity to take the actions needed right away. Instead of fear and shame, the tears with which she left were tears of relief and hope.

In this book I want to do the same for you. I want to sit on my little rolling stool across from you and put a range of lifestyle, relational, and spiritual issues together for you in a way that makes sense. Not perfect sense, but usable. Meaningful. Manageable. I want to help you see what choices you have and continue to help you through the process of taking action.

I want to help you connect with God right where you need Him.

For more than 20 years I’ve been privileged to help people in many ways. My medical practice has given me a perspective on some of the most intimate and difficult challenges women face throughout their lifetimes. As a radio host I’ve talked with people from all over the country about what matters to them, where they hurt, and how hard it is to change. As an ordained Christian minister I’ve seen God do amazing things in corporate gatherings, through His Word, and in response to heartfelt prayer. I’ve seen real people with real problems find hope and healing, joy and growth through learning what it means to work together with God.

In this book you won’t find all the answers. But you will find help in asking the right questions.

You won’t find a magical way to lose weight, find love, or be happy without any effort on your part. But you will know what steps you can take to find the future you desire.

You won’t find a promise of miracles. But you will be coached in knowing how to walk with the Miracle Worker.

I saw Marilyn regularly over the next several months. She was relieved at how smoothly her minor surgery went, and physically she is doing well. She is facing her future with much less anxiety and a lot of hope. Just a couple of weeks ago she asked me to pray with her about a specific problem, even as she was taking a scary step toward one of her biggest dreams. She told me she knows God has a good plan for her future, “so I’m turning it over to Him.”

I don’t know where your biggest challenges are right now. I don’t know how hard or long your journey may be. But I do know that your future can be better than your past. I know God has a good plan for you and that you can work together with Him to realize that plan.

I’d love to help YOU to connect with God right where you need Him.

I’d love to share with you this Prescription for Healthy Living, Loving Relationships, and Joyful Spirituality!

Find out more, and get your copy today!

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