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Physical/Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

When your Wife doesn’t want to have Sex with you.

Especially for husbands, provides 5 possible reasons your wife is holding back from sexual intimacy, and what you can do about it.


Especially for wives, provides 5 possible reasons your husband is holding back from sexual intimacy, and what you can do about it.


Especially for wives, offers seven specific suggestions about relating to your husband’s sexual desires while honoring your own heart.


A Biblical perspective and specific resources for Christian men who are fighting for physical intimacy in their marriage.


A balanced perspective on the solo sexual “stuff” from a “Doctor-Doctor,” while providing hope for finding freedom.


What a healthy sexual relationship looks like for a Christian married couple.


Practical suggestions for maximizing intimacy – physically and otherwise – in the second half of life.


Intimacy is not just sex! This explores all four facets of intimacy in marriage, and offers specific suggestions for maximizing each facet.


A message especially for husbands offering 4 practical suggestions for improving intimacy with your wife Including sexual intimacy.


A message especially for wives offering 4 practical suggestions for improving intimacy with your husband in every dimension.

Overcoming Marriage Challenges

If Your Spouse is Emotionally Cheating.

Emotional cheating is as destructive as physical infidelity. Here are 5 things to do if you know or suspect your spouse is doing this.
For a wife who feels her husband does not love her, this offers some Biblical encouragement and practical suggestions.
Sometimes all you’ve got is not enough. Here’s how to think about a failed marriage, and how God feels about it. 
Regular investments in doing things together fosters friendship and bonding in marriage. Here are some fun practical ideas. 
7 specific suggestions for how to respond when you feel disappointed in your spouse and marriage. 
Unmet expectations are a big source of disappointment. Here’s what to look for in a good marriage. 
Here are 5 specific actions to take if you feel your husband is not meeting your emotional needs. 
Men need respect. Here are 5 suggestions for how to respond when you don’t feel that respect from your wife. 
God can restore anything – but some marriages still fail. Why? And how do you know? Here are 2 critical questions to ask. 
Most marriages encounter tough stuff. Here are some practical ideas of how a Christian marriage can move past the BIG challenges. 
Safety in marriage is something both spouses desire, but don’t always know how to provide. Here are some specific suggestions.
Emotional and Spiritual Issues in Marriage

Why Marriage is So Hard. 

Every marriage has challenges because you married a sinner. And your spouse married a sinner too! There’s only one treatment available.


Bringing God into your Marriage Bedroom. 

God wants to be part of the intimacy between you and your spouse. Here are 7 suggestions on how to do that.


Having Spiritual Conversations with your Spouse.  

It may seem easier to talk about anything and everything – except God. Here are some practical ideas about how to begin a spiritual conversation.


Are you Making Your Man Miserable?  

Women have more power than you think. Are you using your power to destroy your husband’s soul?


10 Ways to Show Respect to your Spouse.  

Respect demonstrates caring and love – to both men and women. Here are specific ways to do so in your marriage.


When Your Spouse is Not a Christian.  

There are special challenges when your spouse does not share your faith. Here are 5 specific ideas on how to save your marriage – and your faith.


3 False Beliefs About Marriage. 

Going into marriage – or living married – believing these false ideas causes a great deal of pain and misery. Check your own beliefs against these.


5 Truths About Marriage.  

In contrast to false beliefs, these are 5 things you should believe about marriage – supported by God’s Word.


Forgiveness in Marriage.

Marriage is the union of two good forgivers. But how can you do that without getting more hurt? Forgiveness is THIS – not That. And 3 practical suggestions.

Communication in Marriage

The Most Important Organ in Communication. 

It’s not your mouth, your ears, or your eyes. It’s your heart. An open heart is necessary before real communication happens.


HOLD the Communication: Do These Things First. 

5 pieces of homework you need to do before a challenging conversation with your spouse.


The Key to Solving Communication Problems.  

Even if you and your spouse seem to speak different languages, this key will open true communication.


Avoid these 8 Mistakes in Communicating with your Spouse. 

Common mistakes that disrupt marriage communication, and what to do instead.


5 Things to Do when your Spouse will not Communicate. 

Some people struggle to communicate. If that’s your spouse, don’t give up; take these actions.


Translation Aids for Man-speak and Woman-speak. 

Men and women communicate differently. Here’s how to decode your spouse’s messages.


Say This, Not That: Healthy Communication Examples. 

Examples of healthy and unhealthy communication, and why they work or don’t work.


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4 Keys to Re-Connecting with your Spouse

Are you tired of living more as roommates instead of as loving husband and wife? You CAN connect again! Learn more about the 4 Facets of Intimacy, and how you can overcome the obstacles in each area to connect with your spouse in the deepest way possible.


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With My Spouse

Fight FOR Your Marriage – Successfully

Your marriage is under attack! And the enemy of your marriage is not your spouse. Learn how to identify the REAL enemy of your marriage, and what it takes to defeat him. Join with your spouse in fighting for the marriage God wants for you.


I Need to Fight
FOR My Marriage

New Year, New Marriage

Written as a letter to Dear Wife at the beginning of the year, the messages here are applicable any time and for both spouses. Learn how to identify the destructive patterns in your relationship and take the steps to move forward into the New Marriage God has for you.


I need a New Marriage!

Freedom From Pornography

In modern culture pornography is an extremely common marriage destroyer. If you are struggling to break free from pornography and want to keep this thief from damaging your marriage, this Guide will help you understand the important steps toward freedom.

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What is Your Communication Style?

Your way of communicating with your spouse is a product of many things. Your communication style has both strengths and challenges. Knowing  your communication style will help take your communication to the next level.

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