Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health

Take Charge of Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Have you ever felt like your health and your healthcare were in someone else’s hands?

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer!

You truly can take charge of your health – and your healthcare!

Dr Carol's Guide to Women's HealthWomen’s Health has become a hot topic in 21st century culture. When you hear that term you probably think first of the kind of healthcare you would receive at a women’s clinic or your OB-Gyn physician’s office. Unfortunately the controversies over such things as contraception, abortion, and insurance coverage have obscured what women’s health is really all about.

A healthy woman is so much more than her reproductive organs!

Have you ever:

  • Wondered whether your symptoms are “normal” or something serious?
  • Struggled with a love-hate relationship with your hormones?
  • Wanted to use as-natural-as-possible means to deal with your health issues, but didn’t know where to start?
  • Felt overwhelmed at the confusing and expensive American healthcare system?
  • Wished for a way to consistently bring your faith into the decisions you make about your reproductive health – minus the drama?
  • Needed to lose weight, manage stress better, or connect with your husband?

Those are exactly the kind of questions Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will help you with.

This book addresses the spectrum of both physical and mental/emotional health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives by bringing together:

  • medical science,
  • my practical experience, and
  • a faith perspective.

In over 20 years of practice as an OB-Gyn physician and now as a speaker, radio/TV host, and ordained Christian minister, I’ve seen women just like you struggle with these issues.

But there’s so much you can do to get better. You can take charge of your physical and emotional wellbeing. You can take charge of your health, and your healthcare. And this book will help you do just that.

In Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health I talk about what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to women’s health. I talk about pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, pregnancy, contraception, infertility, menopause, and hormones. I also talk about preventing diseases of aging, staying younger longer, interacting with the healthcare system, supplements, and saving on your healthcare dollar. I talk about women’s mental health issues (including those related to hormonal problems), sex and sexuality, stress management, and healthy spirituality.

I’m so excited you’ve come here to check out Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health! I can hardly wait until February 2nd, 2016, when the book will be available.

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Here’s what others are saying about Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health:

“Dr. Carol combines her expertise as a medical doctor and her strong Christian faith to provide wise counsel for total wholeness for women in body, soul, and spirit. A book my wife wishes she had years ago! This is a valuable guide for husbands as well in understanding their wives’ spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, feelings, and whole person health care.”

–Dr Paul King, D.Min, D.Th., former professor Oral Roberts University, Interdenominational International Speaker & Seminar Teacher


“Dr. Carol’s Guide fulfills an unmet need in the area of Women’s Health. In a very reader friendly style, the author combines medical science with her practical and personal experience through a Jesus Christ faith based perspective. Dr. Carol’s medical and ministry background gives her an extensive foundation from which to approach this subject. I enthusiastically endorse this book since it uniquely deals in a Christ centered approach with difficult physical and mental/emotional health issues women face throughout the various stages of their lives. It will be a tremendous resource in Women’s Health literature. I encourage the reader to go on this journey with Dr. Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health.”

–Donald R. Tredway, MD, PhD, Former Chairman of the Department Obstetrics & Gynecology and University of Oklahoma Tulsa Medical College; retired VP of Clinical Development Unit, Metabolic & Reproductive Endocrinology, EMD Serono (Merck KGA)


“Dr. Carol Tanksley is not only a scholar and physican, but a discerner of wisdom. Dr Carol’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health is a much-needed, valuable resource on women’s health that offers not only practical information but encouragement. This guide should be included in every church library, counselor’s library, women’s ministry library, and should be available as a reference tool for all women. The crucial information in this book has the potential to influence a healthier, holier, and more hopeful generation of women. I strongly recommend it.”

–Shelly Beach, award-winning author of The Silent Seduction of Self-Talk and managing editor of the NIV Hope in the Mourning Bible


“With degrees in both medicine (MD) and ministry (DMin), combined with years of experience, Dr. Carol has both the academic credentials and professional expertise to authoritatively address issues of women’s health from a faith perspective.  Her holistic approach and compassionate heart enable her to speak to a variety of concerns in a sensitive manner.  Readers will feel as though they are having a private consultation with Dr. Carol as they interact with the wealth of material contained in this book.”

–Bill Buker, DMin, PhD, LPC, Professor of Counseling, Oral Roberts University


“Dr. Carol’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health is a refreshingly positive guide for women throughout life’s stages.  Its holistic approach encourages women to take charge of their health and to make wise healthcare choices. Her conversational style is patient-centered and fosters partnership with the women’s healthcare professional.”

–James S. Powers MD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics), Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


“As the oldest health cost sharing ministry, we know that women often have their fear of health issues magnified because they see the topic as a mystery. When the mystery is reduced or removed the road to health becomes a road of confidence and success. Healthy living is not just worthwhile but possible. Step into the confidence needed to have a successful journey with this comprehensive, readable and understandable guide to women’s health written by a sojourner who knows the topic from inside and outside.”

–Rev. Howard S. Russell, President & CEO, Christian Healthcare Ministries


“Dr. Carol’s insights into women’s health will be a valuable resource for the women I help in their quest for healthy sexuality and spirituality. No question is too touchy for Dr. Carol. Her rich experience as a physician caring for women comes through to readers in a manner that both supports their faith and provides common sense. Each woman reading this will feel empowered to take charge of her health in every way. I gladly recommend this book for every woman who wants to live and feel better.”

–Shannon Ethridge, Life/Relationship Coach, Speaker, & Author of 22 books including the million-copy best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series.


“Dr. Carol Peters-Tanksley has provided women of every age an incredible health resource. Dr. Carol’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health is both easy to read and informative. Dr. Carol’s holistic perspective on health gives women and girls the information they need to take control of their bodies and live healthier lives. I would recommend this book to any woman interested in bettering her own health or any mother interested in teaching her daughter about her developing body.”

–Matthew S. Stanford, Ph.D., CEO, Hope and Healing Center & Institute, Author of Grace for the Afflicted: A Clinical and Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness


“Dr Carol is in the unique position of having a deep understanding of women’s health issues from an integrative medical and spiritual standpoint.   Dr Carol’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health provides the reader with information, perspective, and guidance for issues where ethical or spiritual decisions impact women’s health. Furthermore, her work speaks to the reader at a one-on-one level as though the reader were in a private consultation with Dr Carol.”

–Shahryar K. Kavoussi, MD, MPH, Reproductive Endocrinologist at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine


“Bringing to her writing her experience as both a Doctor of Medicine and a Doctor of Ministry, Dr. Carol, in her book, Dr Carol’s Complete Guide to Women’s Health, provides a reader-focused and comprehensive guide to healthy living in multiple areas of life for the woman of faith. Having shared the Doctor of Ministry experience with Dr Carol, I can attest to her passion to help people experience the full and joyous life God calls us to physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually.

–Stephen M Stells DMin, Founding Pastor, International House of Prayer, Chesterfield, VA