From Surviving to Thriving, and Passing It On

Life had not been easy for Pauline. Emotional struggles, financial struggles, marriage struggles–she felt worn out. Through it all she had learned how to keep pressing on when things became difficult. Her most important treasures were still there–her faith and her family.

But under the surface things were far from well in her heart. She couldn’t stop herself from questioning how much God really cared. Her marriage seemed lifeless. She wondered how long her internal strength would hold out as she white-knuckled it through each day.

Then God directed Pauline to our resources on Powerful Breakthrough Prayers. The daily messages shifted her whole outlook on life and spirituality, and she began to experience strength, wisdom, and intimacy with God in a way she never had before. Within a few weeks others noticed the difference, and started coming to her for help with their struggles. She wrote, “God bless you for helping me minister to them!”

There are many others who, like Pauline, have struggled to just survive, languishing with anxiety, relationship struggles, grief, or the accumulated “stuff” of life. They became tired of the emptiness, and they haven’t seen God doing much of anything to help.

But once they begin to thrive through the transformation God uses our resources to bring them, they can’t help but pass on the good news. Mark and Sarah are sharing our marriage resources with their daughter who is about to get married. Rebecca was so excited about our online course she got her friend to join and do it with her. Margie is reading our weekly messages to her family as part of their devotional time together.

And there are many more who need this kind of transformation. But we need your help to reach them. We need 100 new monthly partners right now, before the end of the year, to enable us spread this message of transformation to many more people in 2022. We can’t do it without you.

Will you be one of those 100 new monthly partners?!

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As you enter 2022, I pray you sense the special presence of Jesus behind you, around you, before you, and within you. May He bless you richly from His storehouse of good things.

You will continue to be in my prayers, and know that I always love to hear from you.

In Christ,

Dr Carol Signature

P.S. Don’t forget to set up your recurring monthly gift now! Think of those who need to move from surviving to thriving, and the many others they then can help too!