Jesus and His disciples

Jesus didn’t like everybody.

He loved everyone. He still loves everyone. But while He was here on earth, Jesus definitely had favorites. There were people He loved to be around, and people He avoided.

Here are the kinds of people Jesus spent time with:

  1. Those who needed Him. Some people needed Jesus more than others. Not in the ultimate sense perhaps, but in the human sense. He saw these needy people as sheep without a shepherd, and loved spending time around them. (Mark 6:34) “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.” (Luke 5:31)
  2. Those who wanted what He could offer them. Whether it was healing, godly wisdom, or salvation, Jesus spent most of His time around those who valued what He came to offer. “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” (Mat 5:6)
  3. Those who wanted to learn from Him. The disciples responded to Jesus’ call to come and follow Him. He taught them as much as they could learn (John 16:12), and gave them on-the-job training to continue His ministry after He was gone. Most of His earthly ministry was spent training and loving on them.
  4. Those who wanted to bless HIM. Certain women “provided for Him from their substance,” (Luke 8:3), and He welcomed them. These women (and others) cared for His physical needs, and followed Him everywhere He went.
  5. Those who (at least somewhat) understood Him. Jesus felt at home with Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, and we read of several times He spent time with them. “Now Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.” (John 11:5) They provided a place where He could rest, and “be Himself.”

Sure, there were plenty of people in Jesus’ life who were angry, difficult, and looking for a way to stir up controversy with Him. Some were offended by His life and teaching. Some were actively looking for a way to destroy Him.

When Jesus met these difficult people He did not run away and hide, or become combative. He dealt with them as the situation necessitated, with grace and courage. But He did not choose to spend most of His time with difficult people.

Many of those He DID spend a lot of time with were weak, impulsive, slow to understand, or on the fringes of society. Those things never bothered Him.

If Jesus had favorites, it must be OK for me to have them too. I can choose to spend most of my time around people who want what I have to offer, have something to offer me, or who I want to be more like. I can choose to limit my time around difficult people.

And you can too.

Your Turn: What kind of people do you spend most of your time around? Are there some people you might choose to spend less time around, knowing who Jesus spent time with? Leave a comment below.


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