Why Marriage is So Hard. 

Every marriage has challenges because you married a sinner. And your spouse married a sinner too! There’s only one treatment available.


Bringing God into your Marriage Bedroom. 

God wants to be part of the intimacy between you and your spouse. Here are 7 suggestions on how to do that.


Having Spiritual Conversations with your Spouse.  

It may seem easier to talk about anything and everything – except God. Here are some practical ideas about how to begin a spiritual conversation.


Are you Making Your Man Miserable?  

Women have more power than you think. Are you using your power to destroy your husband’s soul?


10 Ways to Show Respect to your Spouse.  

Respect demonstrates caring and love – to both men and women. Here are specific ways to do so in your marriage.


When Your Spouse is Not a Christian.  

There are special challenges when your spouse does not share your faith. Here are 5 specific ideas on how to save your marriage – and your faith.


3 False Beliefs About Marriage. 

Going into marriage – or living married – believing these false ideas causes a great deal of pain and misery. Check your own beliefs against these.


5 Truths About Marriage.  

In contrast to false beliefs, these are 5 things you should believe about marriage – supported by God’s Word.


Forgiveness in Marriage.

Marriage is the union of two good forgivers. But how can you do that without getting more hurt? Forgiveness is THIS – not That. And 3 practical suggestions.