Does God Care if You're Overweight?

God cares about everything. EVERYTHING! That might leave you feeling a bit ashamed if there’s something you know God cares about but you aren’t living up to what you know He would want.

Two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight. Does God care much about that? Have you tried over and over to manage your weight – unsuccessfully, and wonder if God just isn’t paying attention? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that being overweight is just as big an issue – if not bigger – among Christians and Christian leaders than it is among others.

How does God feel about you if you’re overweight?

I did a program with my friend Kristi Lemley of Living in the Light TV. We talked about obesity, heart disease, diabetes, menopause, and more. I talk about why what you weigh right now, or even next year is not that important.

But what you weigh five, ten, or fifteen years from now is very important!   Tweet that.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling with your weight, or are already dealing with diabetes, heart disease, or some other condition as a result. Getting to where you need to go may seem like a mountain too high to climb.

Your Turn: What have you already tried in dealing with your weight? What is the reason you want to make a change now? Leave a message below.

There’s more about all this in my book Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. Among other topics, I talk about:

  • What makes a healthy eating plan and whyDr Carol's Guide to Women's Health
  • Dealing with the hungers we face that have nothing to do with food
  • Managing your weight even through menopause and beyond
  • Preventing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes – especially for women
  • A whole lot more

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