The Most Important Organ in Communication. 

It’s not your mouth, your ears, or your eyes. It’s your heart. An open heart is necessary before real communication happens.


HOLD the Communication: Do These Things First. 

5 pieces of homework you need to do before a challenging conversation with your spouse.


The Key to Solving Communication Problems.  

Even if you and your spouse seem to speak different languages, this key will open true communication.


Avoid these 8 Mistakes in Communicating with your Spouse. 

Common mistakes that disrupt marriage communication, and what to do instead.


5 Things to Do when your Spouse will not Communicate. 

Some people struggle to communicate. If that’s your spouse, don’t give up; take these actions.


Translation Aids for Man-speak and Woman-speak. 

Men and women communicate differently. Here’s how to decode your spouse’s messages.


Say This, Not That: Healthy Communication Examples. 

Examples of healthy and unhealthy communication, and why they work or don’t work.