Chocolate covered strawberries

Love, romance, and Valentine’s Day.  Perhaps you are like many others, making the sellers of heart-shaped baloons, teddy bears, flowers, cards, and chocolate covered strawberries very happy again this year. My favorite is the chocolate covered strawberries, and Thanks to my wonderful husband there are two dozen in the refrigerator right now! (Or at least there were earlier today: they aren’t lasting very long!)

What is it about the human heart that responds to love – or wants to? I think it’s the way we are made, and the way God intended it to be.

I know what it’s like to be single and lonely: I was that way for 48 years. I also know now what it’s like to be married, in love, and thrilled with the joy, comfort, and security a healthy marriage can provide.

During my single years I remember wanting to be Number One to somebody. I had friends, but that wasn’t the same as being someone’s Sweetheart. I wanted to belong to someone, to be cherished, to be wanted, to be seen as lovely. I wanted someone to desire me, chase me, and miss me when I wasn’t there. And I can imagine many of you women have felt the same.

You guys aren’t immune to such feelings either. Haven’t you wanted someone to respond to your advances? To look up to you, be proud of you, give you the sense that you’ve rescued the most beautiful woman in the world? To cheer you on to the adventure you’ve dreamed of for so long? You want to be wanted, and to have someone need you, respect you, and long for you.

Matters of the heart touch us deeply. If you ever imagine love is in the air you’ll do just about anything – things you would never do if you were in your “right mind!” Yes, biologically those desires are necessary for the human race to go on, but they also signal something much deeper, much more profound, much more spiritual.

When you fall in love, you’ll do just about anything. I believe that more than biology, our whole being was created for love because God loves us, and desires our love in return.

Why not fall in love with Jesus? Regardless of your current marital status, you ARE Number One to Someone. You ARE wanted, cherished, chased after, and seen as lovely. There IS Someone who is proud of you, needs you, responds to you, and longs for you. And He will never tire of you, or let you go. He is passionate about you, and can handle all the strong and deep emotions your heart feels without getting tired or frustrated. He’s totally crazy about you, and will do absolutely anything to win your heart.

Fall in love with Jesus this Valentine’s Day. He loves you! Let Him know you love Him in return. And what you’ll get in return is much more then chocolate covered strawberries!

Your Turn: What does falling in love mean to you? Have you experienced falling in love with Jesus? Do you want to? Leave a comment below.

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