Change(d) Conference: You Won’t Leave the Same!

Change(d) Conference

You found your fixer upper! Your creative soul has imagined this moment for years. But finally, there it is in the perfect location. This is the home you’ve been dreaming of, and you’re determined to make it your own.

Sure, the landscaping is overgrown, the paint is peeling badly, and some windows are broken. The foundation has settled, the electrical wiring and plumbing are hopeless, and the roof has a bad leak. 

But none of that dissuades you. The moment the deed has been recorded the work begins. Demolition day makes the house look like a worse disaster. Deep holes appear where foundation repair is underway. Electrical wiring and plumbing are replaced, and a new roof is put on. Walls, flooring, cabinetry, landscaping, furnishings – all brand new. Your fixer upper is now a gorgeous home! 

God Sees Your Transformation

That’s how God feels about you. He searches for you until He finds you, and pays the ultimate price to make you His own. He loves you with an overwhelming love just the way He finds you, in all your broken-down miserable sinful useless mess. His heart simply sings as He claims you as His forever.

But He also loves you too much to let you remain in your fixer upper condition. He too sets about restoring you to the human being He Himself originally created you to be. He doesn’t care how long it takes, or how difficult the process. There’s plenty of demolition, ripping out, cleaning, replacing, trimming, and restoring to be done, but nothing can dissuade Him from doing everything to transform you into the priceless image of Himself that you were meant to be.

Where are you in that restoration process? How much transformation is your fixer upper self experiencing right now? Doesn’t that picture ignite something in you, some desire to become that changed person you know God wants you to be?

Your Transformation Process

The process of transformation is not necessarily easy, but it is possible. I experienced it. It’s what the Bible says can happen. Other believers have experienced it throughout the last 2000 years who have learned and embraced this process. And it can happen for you.

Over the last few decades researchers have asked questions about what steps or ingredients are important that allow people to experience lasting change. Some of their insights are interesting, and can help further explain what we learn from God’s word.

How free would it feel to have your heart clear and your actions line up with your heart? That’s the kind of transformation Jesus offers you.

Your broken-down fixer upper self doesn’t have to stay the way it is now. Restoration is up ahead, and you’ve got a part to play in the process. The deeper process of spiritual transformation is not a mystery. And it’s what God wants for you.

Change(d) Conference

Join us on Saturday, September 15, in Austin, Texas, for a special three-hour event designed with you in mind, to not only learn how it’s possible, but also the steps to lasting change.

You’ll be impacted by powerful teachings and get equipped with practical tools that will transform not only your mindset, but also your spiritual journey and relationships.

And if you need one more incentive to join us, breakfast is included!

Whether you’ve just recently said yes to Jesus, or have walked with Him for many years, you’ll leave this event inspired, and knowing what to do next.

Video Trailer Changed Conference

Join me on September 15 for the Change(d) Conference, and discover how spiritual transformation happens.