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5 Reasons to Leave Your Church

Going to church is something most Christians assume they should do. It’s fashionable for some people to quote Hebrews 10:25…

How to Turn It Over to God

In Christian-eze it’s been said various ways: “Give it to God.” “Turn it over to God.” “Let God do the…
Quiet and listening

What To Do When You Want To Hear From God

I need God to speak to me. But I’m not hearing anything from Him at all!”
Have you said anything like that? Those of us who care at all about our relationship with God would love to have a way to know exactly what God was saying. But too often it seems like a game of, “Can you hear me now?”


Hearing God’s Voice

God speaks to us, and we can hear Him.
Is that really true? How can we know it’s Him? What does that look like?
I have learned some things about hearing His voice that make it much less confusing and more practical. Here are some characteristics of God’s voice:


God In A Box

We so easily put God in a box. OK, so who’s right? Your pastor? The Pope? The head of some…

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