It’s MINE! Owning What Belongs To Me

Taking Home OwnershipPerhaps that sounds like a two-year-old grabbing at a toy and yelling, “Mine!”

It might seem strange, but sometimes I wish more adults would say, “Mine!”

Of course I’m not talking about the immature grabbing at toys. But I AM talking about a sense of personal ownership for the “stuff” that is in our own sphere of influence.

Think of it from the standpoint of a consumer. You make a purchase, and then have a problem. You go to someone for help, and their response is, “I’m sorry: I can’t help you. That’s not my job.”

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What’s Big Enough – To Leave For?

Wedding Rings“For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer. In sickness and in health, till death do us part.”

If you’re married, your vows may well have included those very words. Or at least something very much like them. And you either repeated those words, or said, “I do.”

So, do you? Still?

I am definitely not launching into

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Never Too Late: Never Too Early

Woman ThinkingMost of the patients I see as a doctor are coming to get help too late. They don’t come until the problem is already so far along. By too late I don’t mean they are about to die: it’s just that often the problem didn’t need to happen in the first place!

Yes, the health care system has become a sickness-care system. It can be difficult to afford medical care, and difficult to access care as well. And yes, there are some medical problems that cannot be prevented.

But too often I see patients who want a magic fix for something they spent a long time causing themselves, knowingly or unknowingly. And sometimes there’s just no good fix available!

Yet even when we’ve made a mess of things, it’s never too late to make positive changes. And seemingly small changes

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Healthcare and You

Healthcare PersonnelIf you haven’t already experienced frustrations with the healthcare system, you will! For all the innovation, research, and high-tech options available, we still face major challenges in making those technologies affordable and available. Yes, our healthcare system needs work.

Major problems exist in at least three areas:

First, healthcare costs too much. The costs keep increasing faster than incomes can keep up. Healthcare costs as a percentage of GDP (gross domestic product), government spending, and personal or business income show no signs of slowing down. Costs are a frequent reason people don’t use medications as directed or get medical care they desire or need.

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I HOPE I’ve Changed!

I HOPE I’ve Changed!

Happy Young WomanChange can feel threatening, especially to those looking on. I’m sure you’ve heard some variety of the saying, “The only thing that never changes is that things will always change.” One of my valued professors said it this way: “You never put your foot in the same river twice.”

Change that happens around us can feel very un-nerving. And change we choose ourselves can be just as uncomfortable. But if we DON’T change, we won’t ever get better results. The anxiety and discomfort we experience as we go through change is temporary, but absolutely necessary. Research actually demonstrates that those who successfully change anything significant in their lives are willing to experience some real anxiety along the way, but keep on going regardless of how uncomfortable they feel.

I’m not the way I used to be. And I’m glad!

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