God In A Box

God In A Box

We so easily put God in a box. OK, so who’s right? Your pastor? The Pope? The head of some denomination? The group of church leaders when they vote? Which leaders?

Or perhaps each one of us is right in how we hear God for ourselves. He can talk to each one of us, right? So in effect, can each one of us hear differently, and still be right?

And what happens when you hear differently from me? Or one pastor hears differently from another? Or one group of church leaders does one thing in the name of God, and another group does something very different?

There are many examples of this kind of divisive religiosity, but one stands out in my mind. During the period of the US Civil War, both the Union and Confederate sides of the conflict appealed to Christianity and Scripture in support of their respective positions, including both slavery and anti-slavery beliefs. Both certainly could not be right!

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You’re Single, Still?

Teenager Pouting while WaitingI know what it’s like to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. And get frustrated when it seems nothing is happening in the marriage department.

Yes, I’m very happily married now, but that didn’t happen until I was 48 years old. And I’ll tell you from personal experience, that’s a long time to wait!

For all the bad rap marriage has taken in some circles, the majority of young people still look forward to getting married at some point. And waiting can sometimes seem like forever!

Some people try to speed things up, and make mistakes in the process. Do any of these sound familiar?

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Looking For Love: Radical Intimacy

Looking For Love: Radical Intimacy

Remember the movie Urban Cowboy, and one of its hit songs “Lookin’ for Love” (Johnny Lee)? Bud and Sissy are “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places,” and get so hurt in the process.

But don’t we all. We get wound up in knots looking for a kind of love we believe must be there, but somehow can’t quite seem to find.

Two people getting married naturally believe things are going to be perfect from that day on. And then they too often become disillusioned when things get difficult.

The intimacy of marriage can be scary, and it can also be incredibly healing. That’s how marriage was intended to be: for two people broken in different ways, going through life with each other CAN bring healing to our brokenness. It’s one of God’s best methods of helping us become what He knows we can be.

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Are We There Yet?

Watching WatchEver say that when you were a kid? You were on a road trip, and your sense of time was just developing. Your mom or dad may have become exceedingly tired of you asking, “Are we there yet?”

Most of us in our culture have a fast-food mentality. That’s one of the downsides of our electronic world. We are used to getting anything we want right now.

It’s not just limited to fast food restaurants and microwaves. We expect instant information via the internet, instant communication, entertainment on demand, instant shopping and instant money.

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Can I Trust You?

Couple TogetherWe want to be trusted. We want people to think well of us, and believe the best about us. We especially want this from our spouse.

And if trust breaks down in a marriage, it’s hard for the rest of the bonds holding two people together to remain intact.

Trust is not something you can demand from another person. It takes time to develop, but it can be lost in a moment. Once lost, it will likely take much longer to regain that trust again, if ever.

I don’t believe trust is all that hard to understand. If you do what you say, and say what you do, consistently, you can be trusted! I talk about that very thing here.

Why is it that husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends often struggle with trust issues?

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