Can I Trust You?

Couple TogetherWe want to be trusted. We want people to think well of us, and believe the best about us. We especially want this from our spouse.

And if trust breaks down in a marriage, it’s hard for the rest of the bonds holding two people together to remain intact.

Trust is not something you can demand from another person. It takes time to develop, but it can be lost in a moment. Once lost, it will likely take much longer to regain that trust again, if ever.

I don’t believe trust is all that hard to understand. If you do what you say, and say what you do, consistently, you can be trusted! I talk about that very thing here.

Why is it that husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends often struggle with trust issues?

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Does What She Says, and Says What She Does

HandshakeDuring the final two years of medical school we spent four weeks at a time following around doctors in a variety of different specialties such as general surgery, pediatrics, OB-Gyn, and many more so-called “rotations.” Sometimes it left you feeling like a ping pong ball: just when you learned how things worked in one area of the hospital, WHAM, everything changed!

It was an important way to learn the different areas of medicine. It helped us decide what we wanted to do after graduation. And we were evaluated every month throughout this process.

At the end of one of those rotations I received one of the best compliments of my life. After all the check-marks in all the little boxes indicating my medical experience in various areas, the supervising doctor wrote on my evaluation, “She does what she says, and says what she does.”

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You Are More Powerful Than You Think

You Are More Powerful Than You Think

In your marriage, you are more powerful than you probably realize. There were very few things that surprised me when I got married. I was mature, I knew my husband well, and we took the time we needed to be sure.

But one thing DID surprise me, and at times still does. I’m still sometimes amazed at how powerful I am in my husband’s life.

It’s not because I have tried to change him, or that I’m especially “strong.” I don’t have any magic formula. And I don’t think I’m all that unique in this area.

I believe both husbands and wives often underestimate how much impact they have, or at least can have, on each other. You waste time and energy trying to force your spouse to change, when if you realize where your power really does lie, you’ll be much more successful than you ever imagined.

This kind of power can be used in both good and bad ways. You have the power to hurt and to heal, to build up or to tear down, to make your spouse dread coming home or anxiously look forward to seeing you again during every moment you’re apart.

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“It’s Friday. But Sunday’s Coming!”

CrossesIt’s Friday. But Sunday’s coming.

That line is not original with me, but it is so fitting for today.

It IS Friday, Good Friday.

On the first Good Friday, things didn’t look good at all. They looked downright dark and depressing, desperate and hopeless. Dreams were dashed. And those who were there could only say, “We had hoped . . . .”

We look back and call it Good Friday because we know the ending. We know

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Eat to Live: My Nutrition Plan

Eat to Live: My Nutrition Plan

At my husband Al’s last medical visit his doctor was impressed. He asked me, “What are you eating? What diet do you have him on?” Al’s blood pressure was down, he was losing weight, and generally doing well. His doctor knew what most of us do – that what we eat makes a big difference in how we feel and in so many areas of our health. I’m proud of my husband! But how did we do it?

I’ve written previously about my spiritual breakfast, and about what I do to keep myself moving physically. Here I talk about the healthy nutrition plan I follow.

I grew up a vegetarian, which meant I enjoyed a lot of fruits and vegetables. That was the good part. But there were other parts of my diet that weren’t so good. I ate a lot of pasta, white rice, bread, and pastries. I did leave my vegetarian ways later, but the other habits persisted.

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