10 Tips for Losing Weight

10 Tips for Losing Weight

Losing weight is one of the top resolutions people make every year, and yet one that people find hard to follow through on. The emotional, physical, and relationship cost of being overweight is heavy! And it’s expensive: the US diet control and weight loss market is worth about $62 billion/year.

Here are some tips for losing weight that I give to my patients. I believe a lifestyle change is the safest, healthiest, and wisest way for most people to lose weight, but you may need some help along the way. Here are some tips to provide some of that help:

  1. You are more than your body weight! Your happiness, your relationships, your spiritual life – all are more important than your BMI (body mass index). Keep things in perspective.
  2. It’s not what you’re eating: it’s what’s eating you. My friend Kathrine Lee likes to talk about this. The emotional, mental, relationship, or spiritual baggage you carry may be what is really weighing you down. Deal with that, and food may become a much smaller problem.
  3. Keep it natural.
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“God Is Your Father” – Good News or Bad?

Father Teaching Son BaseballIf you’ve gone to church or read the Bible you’ve surely heard that God is your Father. You’re supposed to feel safe and secure knowing that. The thought of God as your Father is supposed to make you want to run into His arms with joy, knowing He will handle all of your problems.

But does it really make you feel that way?

Your mental picture of God probably looks very much like your earthly father. Sadly the idea of “father” is not a positive one for many, and that can create a major stumbling block to a relationship with God.

What was your relationship like with your father? What did you have to do to get his attention? What kind of attention did he give you? Were you afraid of him? Was he proud of you, or ashamed of you? Was he absent or distant? If he disciplined you, was it with violence or cruel criticism? How did you feel when you were around him?

Just reading those questions, can you see how your relationship with your earthly father – or lack thereof – has affected your relationship with God?

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The Impact of Sex Outside the Bedroom

The Impact of Sex Outside the Bedroom

We get into trouble so easily over sex. For many it is the ultimate slippery slope. And the impact of sex outside the bedroom is wide-ranging. 

Let me state my position simply: I believe sex was created by God as a wonderful, beautiful thing to be relished and ravishingly enjoyed between one man and one woman in marriage. That’s it. Any other use of sex is wrong, and gets us into trouble. You may not agree with me, but I believe that is the way God intended things to be.

The misuse of sex is a common denominator in a whole host of problems: pornography, infidelity, same-sex relationships, prostitution, sex outside of marriage (before or during), divorce, abortion, rape, abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, and more. The emotional and relationship impact is also costly: shame, isolation, divorce, guilt, etc. Marriages, careers, families, ministries – and lives – are wounded or destroyed. Of all the factors involved, sex seems the most powerful.

Sex is Not just about the Bedroom

Sex touches something very deep within us. There is probably no other area that so strongly impacts our sense of identity and value as sexuality does. The correlation is strong:

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The Supplements I Recommend, and Why

Supplement PillsAmericans love supplements! Roughly half of us use them. We spent $11.5 billion on supplements last year, and that number is consistently climbing.

In one sense that’s a good thing: it indicates we are interested in being healthy, and are trying to do something positive.

But on the other hand, are we getting our money’s worth? Are all those supplements doing any good? Or are they perhaps doing harm? How can we know? Are we using supplements as an excuse to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle?

I’m not a fan of the US Food and Drug Administration, but I do believe we need to use science rather than hype to make decisions on what we put into our bodies. Anecdotes don’t convince me. Scientific research has its limitations, but it’s still the best we have in answering the question, “Is Product X safe and effective?” The FDA is, right now, the best we have – and they don’t control the supplement industry except when they make specific statements claiming to treat or cure disease.

Consumer Labs is a private company that does offer some independent evaluation for the plethora of nutritional products available.

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5 Different Kinds of Hunger

5 Different Kinds of Hunger

Cookie JarAnn knew she was experiencing some health problems as a result of being seriously overweight. She had very little energy, her knees hurt all the time, her menstrual cycle was messed up, and her cholesterol level was dangerously high. She knew she needed to lose weight – and the first step was changing how she ate. But she was finding it very difficult. She sat on the exam table and told me, “I’m an emotional eater. It’s the way I handle stress.”

The good news is that Ann realizes there is a difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. Feeding emotional hunger with physical food may lessen the “Feed me!” screaming in your brain, but that only lasts a little while. When the underlying need has not been met, the mental demand for “food” only gets louder once again.

My friend Kathrine Lee likes to say, “It’s not what you’re eating: it’s what’s eating you!” Understanding – and meeting – the different needs we have with appropriate “nourishment” will make a huge difference in our health and happiness.

For the many of us who reach for food to quiet any hunger we feel, it may take some thinking and self-study to truly understand what our body and mind is really asking for. Here are some different kinds of hunger we can misinterpret as a need for food:

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