All’s Fair in Love and War?

Helen of TroyThat cliche “All’s fair in love and war” brings up thoughts of intrigue and deception, giving the impression that no one can be trusted in such emotionally charged situations.

I’m not sure that’s a reasonable conclusion all the time, but it certainly too often rings true. Yes, we will do just about anything for love. (I don’t know as much about war, at least not in the “usual” sense.) I know some of the things I did “for love” when Al and I were getting to know each other. Pretty crazy when I think about it now.

If you had to think of a picture illustrating love, what would you choose?

  • A mother nurturing her baby?
  • A young man on one knee asking his lady for her hand?
  • Feelings of well-being while in your loved one’s embrace?
  • Jesus holding out his hand, saying, “I forgive you”?

Sure, all those may be pictures of love. But aren’t they somewhat superficial? I think a better picture would be the fairy tale where the fair maiden is held captive by someone or something evil. The dashing young man must fight dragons or demons or hell itself to rescue her – all in the name of love.

Doesn’t every woman hold a place in her heart where she longs to desired, fought for, and rescued? Doesn’t every man secretly wish to win the battle – and the love of the one he rescues?

I believe there’s an aspect of LOVE that always goes to war.

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