Over the past couple weeks your inbox has probably been filled with emails promoting goal-setting programs and ways to guarantee “your best year ever” if only you will follow this given plan. At least 100 million Americans make some kind of New Year’s resolutions – and within six weeks most have already failed to keep those resolutions. Those ways of beginning a new year are fine, but I think there’s one way to begin that trumps them all: starting the year with prayer.

The best gift I can offer you this January 1 is my New Years prayer for you:

Heavenly Father, Precious Jesus, Gracious Holy Spirit,

How great You are! You who set our world in its orbit around the sun – that marks our years – we lift our hearts to You as this year begins.

We can’t see tomorrow, but You see all our tomorrows, and every day of this New Year. Your hands are the only ones big enough to carry us through the uncertain and often frightening days ahead. I ask that each one seeing this right now will sense Your hands holding them, guiding them, strengthening them to complete the mission You have given them to do.

Without You we are nothing. And all our efforts to do things on our own prove fruitless. But with You, there is nothing more that we need or desire in heaven or on earth. (Psalm 73:25)

In our times of sickness, be our Healer.

In our times of lack, be our Riches.

In our times of confusion, be our Truth and Guide.

In our times of weakness, be our Strength.

In our times of joy, be our Great Reward.

In our times of sadness, be our Comforter.

In our times of loneliness, be God With Us.

When we feel empty and hopeless, be our Life.

We thank You for giving us everything You are and have in the person of Jesus. And in return, we offer you everything we have – our love, our lives, and our worship.



God bless you with a fulfilling, prosperous, and meaningful New Year.

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