A Look Inside Dr Carol Ministries

A Look Inside Dr Carol Ministries

Sneak PeekDear Friend,

This time I’m just writing to you as a friend. I want to give you a look inside at a few things going on with us, and hope you become excited as we are! Every now and then God stretches you, and it’s our job to be ready to grow.

Before I get to that, I want to say a huge Thank You to those of you who responded during the past couple weeks to my request to hear from you. I’ve spoken with a number of you by phone, and with more of you online. THANK YOU for sharing bits of your story, your challenges, your hopes and dreams, and the parts of your life where you see God working. You’ve encouraged, stimulated, and impressed me. And for some of you I’ve had to struggle to not shed a few tears.

And by the way, I’m still eager to hear from you. You can send me a confidential message by hitting “Reply” to this email, or use the Contact Us page right here.

So, now for a bit of that inside peak I promised:

1. Fewer – but More – with Email. After hearing from many of you, I realize more than ever that not all of you are the same. And I want to be sure you get the information that is most meaningful to you. To help that happen, starting next week my schedule for posting here on the website. There will only be 2 posts each week, but they will be more targeted to what you have asked for. On Tuesdays, there will be an article addressing health – things such as challenging issues in women’s health, improving your lifestyle, or dealing with tough problems in marriage and relationships. And on Fridays, there will be an article addressing spiritual life and growth – issues about prayer, Bible study, character development, and how your faith is affected by our modern world.

Changing our posting schedule will allow you to get exactly the information you need. And it will allow me to prepare more detailed and helpful articles. You’ll be able to read all of the articles here on the blog. But this will also allow you to have even more choices. If you want to only receive one of these types of articles each week, just click the “Update Preferences” at the bottom of the article that comes by email, and mark what you’d like to receive. (And if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so RIGHT HERE!)

TFM Logo2. New Logo! We’ve been through some professional design work, and we have a new logo to share. We think it’s great! But we’d also love to hear from you if you have any comments. In the coming days, you’ll see a new look when you come to our website www.drcarolministries.com, our social media presence, and our emails.

3. TV Production. Our TV studio is ready, and we’re set to begin production. Before I married Al Tanksley and got into media I had no idea everything that went into such an endeavor. There’s lighting, cameras, set, multiple pieces of computer hardware, software for show production, microphones, audio processors, and more. And all that has to come together in a way that meets specifications for a high-definition network broadcast! I don’t want to promise things before they happen, but be looking for an announcement about our first broadcast date in the coming weeks.

Complete Guide Book Cover4. Book Publication. It’s been over a year that this book baby has been in development. Come February 1, 2016, Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will become available everywhere books are sold. And I couldn’t be more excited! You can find out a bit more here. And stay tuned for how you can be involved in the big launch early next year.

There you have it – an inside peak at what’s going on here. I look forward to staying in touch with you. Feel free to contact me any time. Hearing from you is my absolutely favorite part of everything I do!

And may God bless you today and every day.



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