A few years ago a friend shared with me an important part of how she celebrates Christmas every year. When a family member or good friend has a birthday, we often give them special gifts. But what about offering a birthday gift to Jesus?

Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. (Yes, we know He almost certainly wasn’t born on December 25, but we know He was born, and this is a helpful way to think about it.) And each year my friend asks Jesus what He would like her to offer Him for His birthday present.

That struck me as a beautiful thing. We often think of Jesus as giving us gifts, and He does! On the very first Christmas He came into the world offering the best gift ever – the gift of Himself. Wonder, O heavens, and be astonished, O earth!

So, what will we offer Him now in response to His unspeakable gift of Himself?

I’ve started doing the same thing – intentionally asking Jesus what gift He would like me to offer Him on His birthday. Some years I have received a very clear request from Jesus. Other times it’s simply been a sense in my heart of what He might desire.

One year I experienced Jesus asking me to let go of something that had been very important to me for many years – and the results in my life of doing that were beautiful. Another year I felt Him asking for some quality time with me. This is a relationship!

So what if you were to offer Jesus a birthday gift?

A Gift for Jesus

Giving Jesus a gift fits with the message of Christmas. The visitors that we call the wise men offered expensive and precious gifts to the child Jesus, and that was part of God’s provision for His Son during the family’s soon-to-come sojourn in Egypt. (See Matthew 2:1-15)

You and I can never impress God with our gifts – of service, of money, or anything else. The whole world is His! But like any close relationship, giving goes both ways. Most of all, Jesus wants your heart! And if He has your heart, it will be natural for you to want to express that with being generous with Him.

So I invite you to consider, what might Jesus want from you this Christmas? That might be:

  • Giving up an addiction that has been keeping you from being close to Him?
  • Offering forgiveness to someone who has treated you poorly?
  • Sharing the story of Jesus with someone who doesn’t know Him?
  • A new habit of spending time daily, even if briefly to start, with your Best Friend?
  • Making a financial gift in His name to an organization or person in need?

I challenge you to ask Jesus what He would like you to offer Him on His birthday.

And then do it.

Your Turn: What are you offering Jesus as his birthday present this year? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Want more? This week on the podcast I share a conversation with my friend Dr. Andrew Fox – about different Christmas traditions, and the deeper meaning of Christmas. Listen or watch here.

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This Might Be Your Birthday Gift for Jesus

Because you can’t physically see Jesus and hand Him a birthday gift, making a gift to someone or an organization in His name might be just the thing.

Consider making a year-end gift to Dr. Carol Ministries in Jesus name as your birthday gift to Him. Help us bring transformation and healing to more hearts for which Jesus came.