Those of us in the United States have just celebrated Thanksgiving. For many, it was a day for food, family, and football. For some, it was a day to wrestle with sadness over the loss of a loved one missing from their place at the table this year, or to plan your Black Friday early shopping. And for others it was perhaps only one more day of trying not to think about loneliness or pain.

But whatever the circumstances in which you find yourself this Thanksgiving season, the benefits of offering gratitude are real. And I want to take this opportunity to offer a great big Thank You to:

  • Our readers, listeners, and viewers – YOU! Without you there would be no Dr Carol Ministries, no website, no articles, no books, no media programs. Your questions, your messages, your prayers, your sharing, your gifts, your struggles, your victories, your growth, your hopes and frustrations and fears and joys, your wondering and your faith – that’s what all this is about. Each one of you who calls or writes or comments means the world to me, and the fuel for us to continue moving forward.
  • Those who have been instrumental in helping this ministry move forward this year. To Michael, Brian, and Todd, who have helped in our studio. To Ann Byle and Tim Beals at Credo Communications who have helped bring Live Healthy, Live Whole into reality. To Jevon Bolden, Debbie Marrie, and all the rest at Charisma House who are about to launch my book Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. To my husband Al, whose support and production expertise continue to be the wind beneath my wings.
  • To God, most of all. For Your salvation through Jesus, for the daily guidance, wisdom, grace, and courage You supply so generously, for Your Word, for Your Holy Spirit enlivening us daily, for ideas and healing and transformation and restoration, for the hope of eternity that begins now and never ends.

So yes, I’m thankful today. Are you?

May God bless you today and throughout this next year with gratitude.

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