I know two women quite well who nobody can live with – at least not and stay sane. You probably know one or more also. I just hope you aren’t trying to live with one!

This kind of woman may be very accomplished in many ways. People sometimes envy her while looking at her from a distance, and marvel at how much she seems to be in charge. At times she may sound very spiritual and mature, but underneath the surface she is selfish and childish.

And the worst comes if you try to get too close. Husbands, employees, colleagues, children, close friends – anyone who spends a lot of time around her soon realizes her outward sparkle is only sparks from a fire that will burn you if you try to touch her too closely.

Such a woman tries to demand relationship from people around her, but inside she is truly lonely. Children may leave as soon as they are able. Her husband may leave if he doesn’t have the determination to stay married regardless of what happens. Employees will pretend loyalty, but will leave when they get the chance. Colleagues will only put up with her so long, and will look for an excuse to connect with someone else. Close friends won’t often stick around very long.

If you want to be a woman nobody can live with, here’s how:

  1. Always be right. Make sure your opinion is the only one that can be talked about. Have a Bible verse ready to squash any controversial discussion, and assume that once you have spoken the matter is closed. Never admit you make a mistake or don’t know something.
  2. Always be unpredictable. Be moody. Always keep people around you guessing what they need to do to make you happy. Get angry over little things when no one is expecting it. And don’t let anyone know what you expect of them.
  3. Always notice what’s wrong. Be quick to see any flaw in someone else’s argument, any misstatement, or any failure to be perfect. Point out every time someone neglects to live up to your high expectations. Let them know you think of them as a failure. Never compliment others.
  4. Always think of yourself first. Make sure your own needs are met regardless of how it affects those around you. Don’t acknowledge when someone else is sad, in pain, sick, or tired. Place value on other people based only on what they can do for you.
  5. Always pretend. Don’t let others see the real you. Never be vulnerable. Pretend that everything is always OK, including yourself. Pretend you know everything even if you have no clue. Keep a mask on at all times around other people.

Do you know anyone like that? Can you see how miserable she must be? Can you understand why nobody can live with her?

Now, do you see any bits of her in the mirror? If so, deal with her right away.

You don’t want to end up sad, lonely, and alone.

Your turn: Is there anything about your behavior that makes you hard to live with? What are you going to do about it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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