Some days are definitely better than others. Some days it seems everything goes wrong: perhaps the washing machine doesn’t work, a forgotten item shows up on your bank statement, and your spouse is sick.  A person’s emotions can get more than a little upset!

I don’t believe God intends for every one of our days to be easy. We would have no incentive to grow and mature if that were the case. He uses the difficult times to work transformation in us that nothing else can accomplish. He’s much more interested in our character than our comfort! He hurts when we hurt, but His purpose is much bigger than what we often see.

When things are frustrating, painful, difficult, or confusing, it helps to have some things settled – some things you know for sure. It gives you a place to go back to if you feel you’re getting lost. And that’s especially valuable on bad days – or weeks, or longer.

Here are a few things I have settled for good, things I know for sure:

  1. “I am His, and He is mine.” For here and for eternity I’m on God’s side. Jesus is my Savior. I know who I belong to. I know God has me in His hands, and that I will stay there – forever!
  2. God is a Good God. He is there all the time, even when I don’t see or hear Him. He always has my best interest at heart. He sees the bigger picture that I cannot see, and I can trust Him completely.
  3. We know the end of the story. This world is enemy territory for God’s Kingdom, and for those of us who are part of that Kingdom. We sometimes get wounded in the crossfire in the conflict between good and evil. But I am completely confident that Jesus will win – has won! And I’m on His side.
  4. What I do matters. My choices and my behavior matter – to God and His Kingdom, to my spouse, to my family, to those I care for in my profession, and to many others. I am not a savior, but what I do matters now and for eternity in some measure.
  5. I am human. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t! I get tired, hungry, upset, frustrated. Tomorrow is another day. God made me this way, so I do the best I can and move on. I change what I can, accept what I can’t, and keep praying for wisdom to know the difference.

When things feel overwhelming I find it helps to get back to the basics. Yes, some days will be much better than others, and I just keep on keeping on.

How about you?

Your turn: What are the things you know for sure? How does that help you when things are difficult? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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