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Most people thrive on being appreciated, understood, loved, and respected. When the person who knows you best also thinks highly of you, it fills your heart like little else can. Letting him or her know how proud you are of them is like supercharging their batteries. I’m proud of my husband, and that makes a difference.

“But what if my husband (or wife) hasn’t done anything I can be proud of?”

If you are not used to praising your spouse, it may seem difficult to find honest reasons to praise him or her. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there!

My husband Al has had some health challenges. As a result he has not been able to do some of the things he so badly would like to do. We can’t do the travel we might like, or even take a long walk together. There are times our plans need to change at the last minute. He sometimes feels like he’s not the man he wants to be for me, and that he is too old to be all that valuable.

That’s when I do my best to remind him how I truly am proud of my husband. If you ask him, he’ll tell you I truly say these things to him:

“I’m so proud of you for:

  1. Making God first in your life, and in our marriage and our home.
  2. Raising two boys who love their wives and children, and who truly know how to take care of their families.
  3. Refusing to give up even when things look difficult – personally, financially, or spiritually.
  4. Making the difficult lifestyle changes you have, (quitting smoking, losing weight, changing eating habits) and sticking with it.
  5. Seeing the best parts in me, drawing me out, and helping me become who I was meant to be.”

Now doesn’t it make your chest puff out just hearing that?

Find something that you can honestly be proud of your spouse about. Then find a creative way to tell them so, at a time when they can really hear you. You may be surprised at the results.

Your turn: Do you find it easy to find something good in your spouse? Why or why not? How does it impact them when you tell them so? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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