Great Sex During Menopause

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Your first response may be, “Is there even such a thing as intimacy after menopause? And you’re telling me it can be great?”

As much as many women under 50 may try to ignore the fact, every single one of us will pass, is passing, or has already passed through the menopause transition. There’s a common stereotype going around that women who have gone through menopause are neither interested nor interesting when it comes to sex and sexuality. But that’s just not true.

I’m a member of the over-fifty club myself, and I can assure you I’m not old! And if you ask other fifty-plus-somethings, many of them would tell you the same thing. There’s a lot of truth to the adage, “You’re only as old as you feel,” especially when it comes to intimacy.

There’s no reason women cannot continue to enjoy great sex and satisfying intimacy during and after menopause, through your fifties and beyond.

But stereotypes usually come from somewhere. It is true that during and after menopause many women experience changes in libido, sexual arousal, and sexual satisfaction. Not all these changes are negative. So it’s helpful to be aware of how your current season of life affects you so that you can maximize the benefits and address the challenges.

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