You know you “should” spend time alone with God. Some of your Christian friends talk about how God speaks to them, about how much they pray, or what wonderful things they “read in the Word.” Perhaps you feel a little guilty for not having something spiritual to answer them with. But more than that, this all sounds so, well, boring and unimportant. It’s OK for them, but it’s just not you. You just can’t do “pious and spiritual.”

Somewhere between the guilt and the disinterest perhaps there’s a part of you that does want to be closer to God, or at least wishes it could happen. That’s the part we’re talking about here. What if it really were possible?

God works uniquely in each person’s life. The way your relationship with Him works will be unlike anyone else’s. And He knows how to connect with you better than anyone else does; after all, He created you! You can’t surprise Him or shock Him. There’s no need to judge your Christian experience based on what anyone else says.

So if you’re up for an experiment, here are some suggestions to try. See what fits with your personality.

  1. Take a walk. Alone. Preferably in a natural setting.
  2. Put some worship music on in your car while driving to work. The news is so depressing anyway.
  3. Pray out loud in the shower. Yes, only God can hear you.
  4. Walk into a chapel or church when no one else is there. Just sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Walk outside at night and look at the stars. Really look. Drive out of town if you need to.
  6. Write a letter to God.
  7. Have a daily Bible verse sent to your email inbox. Consider a reading plan from YouVersion.
  8. Read a Psalm when you can’t sleep at night. It’s better than turning on the TV.
  9. Sit with a keyboard or guitar, and compose a song to Him.
  10. Hold your sleeping baby, and talk to God about her future.
  11. Download the YouVersion smartphone app. Commit to one of the Bible reading or listening plans.
  12. Get up 10 minutes earlier. Spend the time talking with God about your day.
  13. Listen to praise music while jogging, or working on the treadmill.
  14. Pick a problem you have and do your own research on what the Bible has to say about it. Use a Bible search tool such as Bible Study Tools.
  15. Imagine God sitting across from you. Tell Him what’s going on with you.

The purpose for any of these things is to look for ways to make a relationship with God part of your daily life. Try various things, and pay attention to how your soul responds.

I can assure you God will be there to meet you.

Your turn: How do you make a relationship with God part of your daily life? Do you find it challenging to do so? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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