Have you read something in the Bible that you sense God asking you to apply to your life? Do you hear His voice in your heart asking you to do something for Him that seems really big? Do you feel the Holy Spirit pulling you to make a change in your lifestyle? Are you waiting for God to fulfill something you believe He has promised you?

God is as eager to bless you, heal you, give you good things, or fulfill a big purpose in your life as a father or mother is to give good things to their children. (Matthew 7:11) Most of what He wants for you is bigger and more eternal than you could imagine for yourself.

But too often we humans are so short-sighted, selfish, or afraid that we don’t take advantage of what God offers. It’s like a child afraid to get onto a bicycle or jump into a swimming pool. The joy of swimming or riding a bike is waiting for you, but it takes being willing to risk, and trusting that your parent (God) will be there.

God has been dealing with excuses from us humans for a long time. Moses complained that he couldn’t speak well when God sent him on a big mission (Exodus 4:10-12). The children of Israel saw themselves as grasshoppers, and failed to enter the land of Canaan when they could (Numbers 13:33). God had to warn Jeremiah not to worry about his young age when God called him to speak for Him (Jeremiah 1:7). God certainly understands our human emotions, but He still expects us to step up and respond when He speaks.

Here are some excuses that won’t work with God when He asks something of you:

  1. It’s too hard. God doesn’t work in the categories of easy and hard. Nothing is too hard for Him! (Jeremiah 2:27) Whether it’s beating an addiction, launching a ministry, or forgiving someone who has hurt you, if God said it, just do it.
  2. I can’t do it. Again, God doesn’t know “impossible!” If God has asked you to do it, He has given you all you need to do it. With Christ working in you, you CAN do it! (Philippians 4:13)
  3. I’m too old. God doesn’t think so. Abraham fathered Isaac when he was about 100 years old. Moses began leading Israel out of Egypt when he was 80 years old. Smith Wigglesworth was 48 years old before he began preaching.
  4. I’m too young. God didn’t let Jeremiah use that excuse, and he won’t let you use that one either. David wrote much of the Psalms while a young man. Paul told Timothy to not let his youth hold him back in ministry. (1 Timothy 4:12)
  5. I don’t have enough money. If God asked you to do something, He will supply the resources. (Philippians 4:19) It may look too big, but that’s only a result of the bigness of the God who has asked you to do it.
  6. I’m afraid. God understands your feelings, but He expects you to push past them. He had to remind Joshua (Joshua 1:9), Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:8), and His disciples (Matthew 10:19) not to be afraid. Fear can’t be allowed to stop you.
  7. I’ve made mistakes. If God only used perfect people He wouldn’t have anyone to use at all! Think of the mistakes David, Peter, or Paul made. (See 1 Timothy 1:15) God is the One who can take those mistakes and turn them into points of ministry to others.
  8. Nobody will help me or understand. It’s probably not true, but even if it is, that’s no excuse. Elijah didn’t know how many still were true to God (1 Kings 19:18). When Paul was left alone even by believers, He didn’t change his witness (2 Timothy 4:16,17).
  9. I’m too tired. Frenetic activity is not God’s way. But He provides strength for those who are following what He says or doing His work. (Isaiah 40:30,31) Perhaps there are other things we may need to stop doing, but God always gives enough energy to do what He asks.
  10. I don’t know what to do. God often doesn’t lay out the whole future for you, but He does show you the next step. Just do the next right thing: eat one healthy meal today, make that phone call, or write the first paragraph. Then He will give you wisdom for the next step. (Isaiah 30:21)

I’ve been guilty of making most of these excuses. I’m even getting old enough to try out number 3! But God is not impressed. So today I’m going to do what He asks of me. And I’m going to get up tomorrow and do it again, regardless of how I feel.

How about you?

Your turn: Have you tried out any excuses with God? How did that work out? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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