What to Expect with Obamacare in 2014

ObamacareThere has been a great deal more heat than light over the rollout of the Obamacare health insurance exchanges, and the upcoming January 1st deadline to have health insurance or pay a penalty. Any such sweeping legislation that affects one sixth of the national economy, and impacts something as personal and vital as our healthcare, is certain to generate strong feelings.

For those who believe in big government, the opposition to Obamacare is just one more hurdle to overcome in the forward progressive movement to a modern great country.

For those who believe government is more of a problem than a solution, Obamacare is just the latest and biggest example of the intrusion of government on personal responsibility and on the freedom to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.

There will probably be some who find Obamacare’s provisions helpful in getting the healthcare they need and want.

But for many many others, January 1st under Obamacare will mean a slough of problems, including:

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What To Do If Your Health Insurance Is Cancelled

Insurance NoticeYou’ve just received a notice from Blue Cross, Aetna, United Health, or whoever your friendly health insurance company is: “We’re sorry to inform you that as of January 1, 2014, your health insurance will no longer be in effect. Your policy is being terminated.”

Controversy still swirls over how many have already received such notices, and how many more will receive them in the coming days, weeks, and months. Some say over 5 million have already lost coverage. The Heritage Foundation estimates that up to 16 million Americans getting coverage on the individual market and up to 41 million getting coverage through their small business employer may lose coverage in the near future.

Politics aside, what if you are one of the millions of Americans who suddenly finds themselves without health insurance? What do you do? I have some strong feelings about what Washington DC should do. But I’m going to give you some very specific thoughts about what YOU should do right now if you know or suspect your health insurance may be at risk.

  1. Make an appointment with your doctor before December 31. Go over your current medical conditions. Consider getting any health screenings, blood work, etc. that you need done now. The holiday season is a busy one for many people, but that may mean there are extra appointments unfilled at your doctor’s office. Talk about what your future healthcare SHOULD involve, taking your current health situation into account.

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MEMO: Health Insurance Is Not Healthcare

DoctorObamacare is here. Well, sort of. The health insurance exchanges opened for business on October 1st. Well, sort of. Nobody is pleased with the rollout of this major phase of President Obama’s signature domestic legislative achievement.

But aside from the acknowledged disaster of a website, what is the rollout doing to fulfill its stated goal of helping more people obtain health insurance? Apparently it’s not doing so well.

Reports from about half of the 50 states this week indicate that over 4 million Americans have already had their health insurance cancelled, attributed to Obamacare. Apparently that’s not a surprise. In the Federal Register June 17, 2010, administration officials estimated that over 50% of employer-sponsored health plans, as well as up to 75% of individually-purchased health insurance plans, would NOT be able to continue under Obamacare.

Forbes put the detailed numbers together and estimates that 93 million Americans will NOT be able to keep their previous health insurance under Obamacare.

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MEMO: What To Do About Obamacare

Health-Insurance-Exchange-ConfusionThe Affordable Care Act has reached a milestone. For the past two and a half weeks the health insurance exchanges have been open, and people have been logging on to Healthcare.gov. Or at least trying to. And their experience has been anything but good.

Here’s short list of some problems:

  1. Healthcare.gov is not working. Only a tiny trickle of people have been able to get past the error messages and other glitches in order to even find out what their projected cost for health insurance would be under Obamacare. And an even smaller number are moving forward with successfully purchasing such insurance.
  2. Healthcare.gov is not secure. Oh, the powers that be try and assure you that your personal information is secure. But even internally, health insurance companies are complaining that they often get corrupted data from the government website. And cyber experts are warning about serious vulnerabilities to your personal information via healthcare.gov.

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5 Ways To Save Money On Your Healthcare Costs

Healthcare CostsHealthcare is expensive. There are debates about why healthcare costs so much, and why we spend more on healthcare than other countries. But the most important number for you is how much you spend out of your own pocket.

Some of these thoughts I have shared before. But right now the stress over healthcare costs is only increased for many people. Some are finding their health insurance options restricted. Some employees are finding their health insurance even being taken away. And those without insurance are finding their costs increasing even more.

Aside from any political debate, here are some specific things you can do that will empower you to lower your own personal healthcare costs regardless of what happens with Obamacare:

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