Your Healthy Eating Plan: The UN-Diet

It’s NOT a Diet. It’s Food for Life!

Baby in NatureMy friend Kathrine Lee likens each of your body’s cells to a baby bird with a wide open mouth, crying, “Feed me! Feed me!” If you dump enough dirt on the baby birds, they’ll be quiet for a time. But if the dirt doesn’t kill them, they’ll soon start crying for food again. So it is with you. Filling your stomach with junk food will stop your hunger pains—for now. But if your cells aren’t getting the nutrition they need, they’ll soon start crying for food again. And those cells crave a lot more than just calories.

What you eat makes a difference for your physical health (including your weight!), your psychological wellbeing, and just about every other aspect of your life. So, how do we satisfy those starving-baby-bird cells? You need a healthy eating plan.

If there’s one thing that makes a bigger difference than anything else, it’s going unprocessed. Food that’s in a package with a long shelf life and a long list of ingredients is processed! The less processed a food is, generally the better for your health.

As for the specifics, here’s a Healthy Eating Plan that will serve you well (unless you have truly unusual health issues.) It’s not a diet! It’s a way to eat for the rest of your life.

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7 Things to Do the Day After Christmas

Keeping the spirit of Christmas alive

Woman restingIt’s the day after Christmas. The presents are unwrapped. The Christmas decorations may still be up. Christmas dinner leftovers are still in the refrigerator. If your Christmas was wonderful, you may be feeling a little letdown already. If it wasn’t so great, you may be glad the holidays are nearly over – and wishing you had some leftovers to worry about.

If you’re feeling a little undone, here are a few suggestions for how to make the day after Christmas work in a positive way for you.

  1. Express gratitude for what you received.

Children are well known for being disappointed if they didn’t get a particular gift they were hoping for. You’re a little more grown up – or at least you should be. Your Christmas probably wasn’t what you hoped it would be in some way, but that doesn’t mean you didn’t receive any wonderful gifts.

If someone gave you anything – however small – tell them Thank You again. If you learned something about yourself, about others, or about the true meaning of Christmas, express gratitude. If you recognized the Christ child in a special way this year, tell God Thank You once again for sending Him.

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Cyber Monday with Dr Carol

Give a gift that keeps on giving

You can complete a whole chunk of your Christmas shopping right now – on Cyber Monday with Dr Carol!

Be a hero to your best friend, your spouse, or anyone else you care about. Give them the gift of living Fully Alive this next year!

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But the discount is available this week only.

Here are two items you’ll especially want to know about:

Live Healthy, Live Whole

Live Healthy Live WholeYour Prescription for Healthy Living, Loving Relationships, and Joyful Spirituality

This easy-to-read book is like an extended consultation with Dr Carol. Find out how God created you as a unique “baked-together” whole, and discover simple prescriptions to improve your wellbeing in the most important areas of your life.

This book is the perfect gift for:

  • Your spouse who always seems to be feeling down
  • Your friend who feels stuck and unhappy
  • Your Bible study group (easy discussion questions are included after each chapter)
  • The young Christian you’re mentoring
  • YOU!

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Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health

Dr Carol's Guide to Women's HealthTake Charge of your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

I’ve packed 25 years of experience in women’s health into this book, also incorporating medical science and a faith perspective in addressing the health issues every woman faces throughout the various seasons of her life.

Besides the usual women’s health issues, this book also addresses long-term health, interacting with the healthcare system, and mental/emotional health.

This book is the perfect gift for:

  • Your sister
  • Your girlfriend
  • Your wife
  • Your daughter
  • Your mother

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What Is a Healthy Christian Woman?

The Single Most Important Thing you can do to improve your wellbeing

How do you know if you’re healthy? What does “healthy” mean anyway – as a woman, as a Christian? Are you too old to be healthy?

As a women’s health physician I regularly see first-hand the impact of lifestyle, emotions, relationships, and spiritual life on a woman’s health. Every day I am privileged to help women find ways to experience a more Fully Alive kind of life in all these areas.

Take a few moments to watch this short video. You’ll see other women just like you. And you’ll find out:

  • What it means to be a Healthy Christian Woman
  • What factors impact how a woman looks and feels
  • Why a Christian woman should especially care about her health
  • The single most important thing you can do to improve your health

And the best news: that single most important thing doesn’t cost a penny!

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Does Your Spouse Feel Safe With You?

5 Keys to Improving the Safety Factor in your Marriage

ButterflyConnected. Loving. Engaged. Invigorating. Happy. Isn’t that the kind of marriage you want?

If you answered yes, then keep reading. I’ll share with you an important key that will help you get there.

On the other hand, if you would rather have a spouse who you can manipulate and control, who walks on eggshells around you, feel free to click away from this page. This will not help you put your spouse in a box and keep them there for your own individual pleasure.

If you find yourself complaining about what your spouse is or isn’t doing, I want to shake up your perspective. Yes, they’re failing in many ways. But for right now, imagine yourself in your spouse’s shoes. And then ask yourself this question:

How safe does my spouse feel with me?

You may feel justified in behaving badly toward your spouse because of the ways they have failed – and are failing – you. Put those thoughts aside for now. From your spouse’s perspective, are you creating a space where they feel safe?

If you’re a husband, that might look like this:

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