If you don’t have a job that offers health insurance

I’m so honored to be guest posting with my friend Dan Miller at 48 Days this week. Dan is passionate about helping you find or create work you love, and that is meaningful, purposeful, and profitable.


Perhaps you work for a small business that doesn’t offer traditional benefits such as health insurance. Perhaps you’re an independent contractor or entrepreneur and are concerned about how to manage healthcare costs for you and your family. Or perhaps the health insurance your job provides doesn’t fit with your values or needs.

There are many things you can do to proactively take charge of your healthcare just as you should your work-life, health, and other aspects of your life. You don’t have to let outside circumstances dictate how you will be spending your days. You can do the same with your healthcare. You don’t have to let government regulations, health insurance companies, or your boss (if you have one) determine how you and your family will get health care when you need it.

Of course looking at your options before you are in a health crisis provides the best possibilities. Here are some things to consider.

Want to see my five specific recommendations, including helpful links and resources?

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And I also talk a lot more about these options in my new book Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health. Check it out today!

Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health is Here!

Take Charge of Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Dr Carol's Guide to Women's HealthIt’s Here!

The big day has arrived. At least it’s big for me.

Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health is released for sale today. And I hope every one of you goes on Amazon.com right now and buys one!

OK, I know you’re not very likely to click and buy just because I asked you to do so in one sentence. So let me tell you a little about this book baby of mine.

By the way, although I’ve never physically given birth to a baby, I feel as though I’ve experienced labor and delivery through the many months this book baby has been in development!

Dr Carol’s Guide to Women’s Health will give you what you need to take charge of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been talking with you about taking charge of the parts of your life that you need to. It’s the only way you’ll find the level of wellbeing you were made for. It’s the way God created you to be. And your decision to take charge is the most important factor in overcoming the resistance you’ll face as you begin moving forward.

In this guide, I bring together medical science, my practical experience of over 25 years of medical practice, and a faith perspective in addressing the whole spectrum of health issues women just like you face throughout the various stages of your lives.

But this book isn’t just about the kinds of women’s health that would be addressed at a women’s clinic or your OB-Gyn physician’s office. It’s a lot more than that. Because you see,

A healthy woman is so much more than her reproductive organs!

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My List of Recommended Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplementsYou can’t watch TV, search the internet, or walk into the pharmacy section of your favorite grocery store without being bombarded by advertisements and promotions that all but promise that THIS supplement will give you energy, cure whatever ails you, and guarantee a long and healthy life. No wonder the nutritional supplements business racks up billions of dollars in sales every year.

But is all that money doing us any good? The claims for many supplements seem too good to be true. And many of them are. But you – you’re not swayed by all that advertising hype! You’re a savvy buyer, and want the best value for your health dollar.

I often get asked about nutritional supplements by patients and others who want to live healthy and feel better the natural way. And that’s smart. So here’s my list of recommended nutritional supplements. It’s a short list, because I demand strong research before being able to recommend any supplement or product. Some of these recommendations are guarded, as you will see. But you asked, and here’s my list.

The supplements I can recommend to my patients and to you:

  • Phytonutrient supplements: Few of us get the recommended 9+ servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

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6 Things You Should Never Ask Your Doctor

Doctor Taking Blood PressureSome doctors still act as though they are God’s gift to humankind. That attitude has become less common in recent years, and that’s a good thing. More doctors are acknowledging to themselves and to others that doctors are people too. That means they have feelings, personalities, weaknesses, and strengths, just as you do. Most doctors do a lot of good, but they don’t have any magic powers.

During nearly 25 years of medical practice I’ve had countless conversations with patients, and developed many priceless relationships with them. I’ve been asked challenging questions, and sometimes had to offer bad news. I’ve rejoiced at the moment of new life and shared tears at times of loss and grief. I treasure the richness of what it means to be a doctor.

Working together with your doctor is the best way to maximize your health in many areas. But there are some things neither I nor any other doctor can do. Here are 6 things you should never ask your doctor:

1. To predict the future. Science and personal experience

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How to Choose A Mental Health Professional

Mental Health ProfessionalPracticing good mental health means choosing what you spend time thinking about, filling your mind with positive things, and learning that happiness is a choice. Spending time in God’s Word and prayer can provide comfort and wisdom in both good times and bad. But each of us can sometimes experience problems that overwhelm our own ability to maintain clear positive thinking. That’s when finding a good mental health professional can be priceless.

If you’ve tried to get better on your own and nothing is improving, or if you feel unable to help yourself, it’s time to get serious about finding help. Connecting with a professional can seem overwhelming; there are so many choices. Here are some ways to make a choice that is right for you and your circumstances.

What Type of Professional Should You Go To?

There are several professions that provide special training and experience in helping people with mental health challenges. Some of them are:

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