Your Healthy Eating Plan: The UN-Diet

It’s NOT a Diet. It’s Food for Life!

Baby in NatureMy friend Kathrine Lee likens each of your body’s cells to a baby bird with a wide open mouth, crying, “Feed me! Feed me!” If you dump enough dirt on the baby birds, they’ll be quiet for a time. But if the dirt doesn’t kill them, they’ll soon start crying for food again. So it is with you. Filling your stomach with junk food will stop your hunger pains—for now. But if your cells aren’t getting the nutrition they need, they’ll soon start crying for food again. And those cells crave a lot more than just calories.

What you eat makes a difference for your physical health (including your weight!), your psychological wellbeing, and just about every other aspect of your life. So, how do we satisfy those starving-baby-bird cells? You need a healthy eating plan.

If there’s one thing that makes a bigger difference than anything else, it’s going unprocessed. Food that’s in a package with a long shelf life and a long list of ingredients is processed! The less processed a food is, generally the better for your health.

As for the specifics, here’s a Healthy Eating Plan that will serve you well (unless you have truly unusual health issues.) It’s not a diet! It’s a way to eat for the rest of your life.

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7 Categories of Health Spending that will make you Healthier Tomorrow

Spending your Health Dollar Wisely

Health SpendingTwo hosts on a podcast I heard recently were talking about a high-tech state-of-the-art health evaluation. It included a full-body MRI, a slew of blood tests, a complete look at all your genes, along with measuring just about everything else you can imagine. The service includes permanent membership in a growing database that will alert you to health risks in the future as science discovers more about what your specific genetic profile indicates. As a participant you are encouraged to decide how long you want to live, and therefore to take every step possible to achieve that goal. It’s all done for the worthy purpose of helping you be healthier tomorrow.

And it’s available to you today for the small sum of $25,000!

Even if I had $25,000 I wouldn’t spend it on this high-tech health evaluation. But even more importantly, you don’t need to have or spend that kind of money to be healthier tomorrow. Health spending doesn’t have to be difficult. We know enough about health and longevity to make very wise decisions today. Scientists are now beginning to talk now about reaching the limit of what medical care can do to improve and extend our lives. What is going to make the biggest difference going forward is our lifestyle.

If you’re already spending money on a lot of supplements or medications, take a step back and consider whether you’re spending your hard-earned health dollars in the place they will make the most difference. It’s not that supplements are necessarily bad; it’s that they are way down the list when it comes to what will make the most difference for your wellbeing tomorrow.

Wise Health Spending

Here are a few things worth spending your money on if you want to be healthier tomorrow.

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10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Weight LossLosing weight – or trying to – is big business. Researchers tell us that being overweight or obese affects two-thirds of American adults. The emotional, physical, and relationship costs of being overweight are heavy. And it’s expensive: the US diet control and weight loss market is worth about $62 billion/year.

But there are also plenty of success stories. My husband is one of them. He lost about 100 pounds, and did it without dieting! And he hasn’t gained any of it back. It was mostly a matter of eating smart – less processed foods, more fruits and vegetables and healthy protein. I’m so proud of him! And if you need to lose weight, I know you can do the same thing.

Here are some healthy weight loss tips that I used in helping my husband to lose weight. And they’re the same tips I give to my patients when they want that same kind of help. I believe focusing on lifestyle change is the safest, healthiest, and wisest way for most people to lose weight, but you may need some help along the way. It may not be sexy, but this kind of weight loss is the kind you’ll be able to maintain.

10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

  1. You are more than your body weight! Your happiness, your relationships, your spiritual life – all are more important than your BMI (body mass index). Keep things in perspective. There are no scales at the pearly gate into heaven.
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5 Things, and 1 Thing, About Your Diet That Matters

Reading Food LabelFood matters. Scientists estimate that at the last turn of the century (2000), the combination of a poor diet and lack of physical activity was the underlying cause in 15% of deaths in the United States, and many believe that the true number may be even higher. Unhealthy eating can kill you! Much of the difference in death and disease rates in different cultures can be explained by eating patterns.

There are so many studies, so much information, so many opinions that it can be hard to identify what you should really worry about. If you read food labels, what should you focus on? Calories? Fat grams? Carbs? It can be hard to know what it is about your diet that matters most.

Here’s what research says about the primary aspects of food that matter in health and disease:

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The ONE THING To Change In Your Diet For Good Health

Eat Real FoodYou are what you eat – literally. We as human beings love our food. Think of all the money being made on cookbooks, food shows on TV, diets, dietary products and programs, and advice on what to eat and not eat.

With all that information, you would think we would be a better nourished society. We may be overfed, but we are also seriously undernourished. Empty calories – food with poor nutritional content – makes up the majority of what most of us eat. And it’s killing us.

Scientists estimate that at the last turn of the century (2000), the combination of a poor diet and lack of physical activity was the underlying cause in 16% of deaths in the United States, and many believe that the true number may be even higher. Unhealthy eating can kill you! By some estimates, the number of deaths caused by obesity is now greater than the number caused by tobacco.

Scientists have debated what it is about diet that impacts health most. Is it sugar, fat, sodium, animal protein (or lack thereof), or something else? When looking at all the eating plans and diets promoted for good health, there is a clear winner: REAL FOOD! There’s no other way to interpret the balance of the scientific evidence.     Tweet that.

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