The ONE THING To Change In Your Diet For Good Health

Eat Real FoodYou are what you eat – literally. We as human beings love our food. Think of all the money being made on cookbooks, food shows on TV, diets, dietary products and programs, and advice on what to eat and not eat.

With all that information, you would think we would be a better nourished society. We may be overfed, but we are also seriously undernourished. Empty calories – food with poor nutritional content – makes up the majority of what most of us eat. And it’s killing us.

Scientists estimate that at the last turn of the century (2000), the combination of a poor diet and lack of physical activity was the underlying cause in 16% of deaths in the United States, and many believe that the true number may be even higher. Unhealthy eating can kill you! By some estimates, the number of deaths caused by obesity is now greater than the number caused by tobacco.

Scientists have debated what it is about diet that impacts health most. Is it sugar, fat, sodium, animal protein (or lack thereof), or something else? When looking at all the eating plans and diets promoted for good health, there is a clear winner: REAL FOOD! There’s no other way to interpret the balance of the scientific evidence.     Tweet that.

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The No-Diet Guaranteed Way To Lose Weight

Weight LossA few days ago I accompanied my husband Al to his regular doctor’s appointment. He was amazed as he got on the scales: down another 5 pounds! That makes a total of 85 pounds he has lost.

We celebrated!

It hasn’t happened in a day. Or a month. Or even a year. But when he has to ask for a smaller size when trying on pants at the store, it’s all worth it.

Al has lost all this weight WITHOUT:

  • Pills or supplements
  • Surgery
  • Dieting
  • Missing a meal
  • Hard exercise
  • Suffering

That last one is important. Going on a crash diet or signing up for a strenuous exercise program may cause your brain to put on the brakes and scream. But when you make small permanent lifestyle changes your brain learns new ways of doing things, and your tastes actually change.

Besides being healthier and feeling better, one of the best rewards of developing new lifestyle habits is that you truly look forward to the new things. The old things lose their hold on you. Your brain really is different.

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Lose Weight Without Dieting! Feel Great!

You can lose weight without dieting, and feel great!
Like me, you probably need to go to the pharmacy every now and then. Remember your last visit there? Was it at one of the big discount stores like Walmart or Target? Attached to your grocery store? Or one of the big national chains?

Think of the aisle where you stood in line to pick up your prescription, or purchase other the items you needed. What kind of products were on that aisle? Chances are good that aisle was filled with shakes, pills, powders, and supplements that promised to help you do one thing – lose weight!

Why do you think that is? There’s only one possible reason. Because it’s big business! With two-thirds of adults in the United States being overweight, the latest estimates are that over 60 billion dollars is spent every year on weight loss and diet control programs and products. That’s 164 million dollars a day!

If you’re overweight, chances are very good you’ve contributed to that 164 million dollars a day. What kinds of pills, powders, and potions have you purchased, hoping to melt away the pounds?

Now, I’m not making a blanket indictment against every single weight-loss product. But if the “industry” had the answer, why is it that the obesity rates are still so high? Seems like this 60 billion dollar slice of our economy is by and large a failure!

But you already know that weighing too much is expensive – not only financially, but also to your health, your self-esteem, and in many other ways. And you may well feel like a failure because of where you are today. You have probably tried over and over to lose weight, and you may feel like there’s no use to try any more.

Now, I don’t have a pill or powder to sell you. But I DO know how to help someone lose weight.

(Watch this short video to see how Dr Carol’s successful weight loss solution helped her husband lose over 75 pounds WITHOUT dieting!)

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Glazed Baked Fish Over Rice

Fish Over RiceOn occasion I share a recipe we love in our household. Here’s one that keeps Al asking for more every time. It turns into a real gourmet meal at home!

This is my own creation, so the quantities are approximate. I hope you enjoy.

This recipe is full of omega-3s, and when combined with green vegetables it’s a very tasty healthy meal.


  • 2 large frozen un-breaded tilapia filets (or other light fish)
  • 1 small yellow onion
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic powder
  • 3 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup soy sauce
  • 1 cup cooked rice


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You Are What You Eat

CheeseburgerYou and I eat every day. Most of us eat three times a day. Or four. Or seven. We have our favorite meals, our go-to snacks, our patterns of grocery shopping. Food is often an important part of family celebrations, social events, church gatherings, and even business meetings. Food may mean another birthday, a business deal, or a first date. An entire cable TV channel is devoted to food.

But for all the importance food has in our lives, is food your friend, or your enemy? Is it harming you more than helping you? Do you know your diet is unhealthy, but find it excruciatingly difficult to change? Are you trying to lose weight and can’t seem to make it work? Are there certain foods you just can’t live without? It doesn’t have to stay that way!

The typical American diet is making us fat, lazy, sick, and unhappy. Hyper-palatable food, media advertising, and our inactive lifestyles only add to the problem.

Science has demonstrated repeatedly that healthy eating makes a difference in both our short-term and long-term health. Just recently researchers reported that junk food during pregnancy and during early childhood increases mental and behavioral problems in young children. Even one soda a day increases aggressive behavior in children. A Mediterranean diet lessens stroke risk even in those with a genetic predisposition to stroke. And more fruit in the diet prevents aneurysm formation in the aorta. And those are studies just published in the past few days.

When you put all the science together, it all points in the same basic direction. It really doesn’t have to be all that difficult. The principles of healthy eating are relatively simple:

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