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When You Can’t Talk to Anyone

If you've ever felt as though you have no one to talk with, you’re not alone. Loneliness is an epidemic. According to a recent study, the average adult has no one with whom they can discuss important matters.

The impact of having no one to talk with impacts more than your emotional state. Loneliness rivals smoking and obesity as a risk factor for illness, disability, and even early death. 

In today's episode find out what you can do about it and the keys to rebounding physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Get your free pdf When You Can't Talk to Anyone, with some follow-up more detailed steps you can take that will help. 


You Can Change–If You Understand this Process

Do you desire to improve your relationships, finances or another area in life? Change is never easy, but it can be accomplished.

Katherine Lee joins Dr. Carol in today's broadcast to set the record straight on how to not only take the first step but accelerate the process for transformation. 

Filled with easy-to-apply changes, this podcast could be the catalyst to the lasting changes you desire. 

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Living Fully Alive–Even with Chronic Illness

"What happens in your soul happens in your cells."

Is there trauma in your life that has not been fully resolved? If you've experienced physical symptoms affecting your health, there may be a link spiritually and mentally.

Listen as Susie Larson, author, speaker, and talk-show host discusses her personal story with Dr. Carol as well as the keys to being Fully Alive in every area of life. 

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Necessary and Unnecessary Suffering: How to Know the Difference

Does God want us to suffer? Or is it the byproduct of actions we bring on ourselves through our sin and brokenness? In today's episode, Dr. Carol unpacks one of the most often asked questions by Christians.

Drawing from Scripture and practical examples, she demystifies what suffering is and is not in this insightful podcast. 

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What Happens After Abortion: Robin’s Personal Story

Since the landmark U.S. Supreme court Roe v. Wade decision, abortion is legal in all 50 states. However recent legislation on a state level has renewed the legal and Moral battle. 

In this deeply moving episode, Dr. Carol discusses Robin's story of abortion as a Christian and God's redeeming grace on her life and ministry.

Resources Mentioned: 

Rachel's Vineyard is a therapeutic support group in the United States and Canada for women seeking healing after abortion.


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